Talk 2: Child Behaviour

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Talk show held on 5th/9/2020 at Busoga One 90.6 FM

Moderator: Balondemu Simon


Headteacher: Mulaba Abubaker Swaibu

Teacher: Munyunyu Susan Hellen

Parent: Namatende Madina

Moderator: Ladies and Gentlemen I’m happy to welcome you to this program of Elevate as you have heard our advert. I’m Balondemu Simon, the moderator of today. This program is as new as old. This is our second program today to add to our program which was there last weekend. I’m not alone today in the studio, but to remind you about what we talked about last weekend, we talked about the changes children are experiencing when the schools are under lockdown, but in all this we went asking parents, teachers, headteachers and community people where we stay and they said that these things can change. Today we are going to talk about a different topic which will be interesting which is about  how we manage Children’s behaviors/ how the children’s behaviors have changed during this time of lock down. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not alone in the studio; I have come with some visitors. Without taking much time, visitors your welcome, I have one gentleman who is a headteacher, he will introduce himself and two ladies, one a teacher and the other a parent, they will both introduce themselves. Let me welcome these people, let me start with the parent, parent I welcome you, tell the listeners, your name, where you have come from and the school where your child is. 

Parent: Thank you sir, Busoga one 90.6 fm   to give me this opportunity to speak today about this current program. My names are Namatende Madina from Bugweri District , Busesa village.

Moderator: She comes from Bugweri village. Which school is your child?

Parent: From Busesa Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School

Moderator: Ok, I think you will use more energy. Those from Busesa who are listening in to us, this lady is representing the parents. Thank you Ms. Namatende Madina from Bugweri, thank you for coming. Let me invite the lady who is a teacher.

Teacher: Thank you somuch Mr. Balondemu for inviting us to this program of Children, I’m Munyunyu Susan Hellen from Bulanga Primary school, I’m very happy to be part of this program, I’m from Luuka a daughter of Madam Namukose Florence who is my head teacher.

Moderator: You are welcome madam and we are happy to have you on this program here on Busoga one 90.6 fm. Without taking any more time, I have another visitor here in the studio, a gentleman who is a headteacher. I welcome you sir.

Headteacher: I’m happy to be here sir. I’m happy about this arrangement and thank you Mr. Balondemu for inviting us to this program. Our listeners, I’m Mulaba Abu Baker, I’m a head teacher of Butongole Church of Uganda primary school in Kaliro District, I’m the son of Mr. Kamaga Edward who is the DEO and all inspectors

Moderator: Send my regards to Mr. Kamaga, he was my friend but he is lost these days. I greet you sir.

Headteacher: I thank this organization of Elevate which has brought us here to be able to have discussions with our fellow parents about the topic of today. Mr. Balondemu as you welcomed us, we shall be happy if our fellow parents are listening in to us.


Moderator: Thank you Mr. Mulaba, headteacher from Butongole Primary School from Kaliro District. Ladies and Gentle, I told you I’m Balondemu Simon , I work with an organization called Family Concepts Center from Iganga. For this particular program, elevate funds us in partnership with Twaweza, Uwezo Uganda to be able to reach out to you with this program when the schools are under lock down. Ladies and Gentlemen, my visitors in the studio as I have told you that last weekend we had a different topic we discussed about, today we are going to talk about how we manage our Children’s behaviours  in  schools. Without taking much time, I would like to ask our parent Madina Namatende from Busesa, why are children misbehaving during this time when the schools are under lockdown. When you see, we are now 6 months ever since when COVID-19 started. These are now 6 months   since the children are not studying, we have seen children’s behavior change, children are misbehaving during this time when schools are under lockdown

Parent: Sir, as me representing the parents from Bugweri, we are leaving the children as parents which is  making the children to misbehave

Moderator: Please extend to the mike and speak louder:

Parent: We are leaving the children to the world

Moderator: How?

Parent: When you see children doing something, you just leave them to go ahead and do whatever they want since the schools are not operating. To add to that, we parents are not being concerned about our children, in which ways:- we are giving them a lot of freedom. Which freedom? – Leaving them to loiter around the village, leaving them with phones, Tv.

Moderator: I’m asking, do you also give primary children phones and they use them yet they don’t buy airtime?

Parents: Sir these days parents bought these touch phones, and they send a lot of information which is not good for the children on these phones, so if the parent puts in a password, today’s children are very bright, they will observe you and get the password, once you are away, the child will get the phone and watch the bad things on the phone;

Moderator: So do you mean that it has brought indiscipline among the children

Parent: Yes, because they are copying a lot of things which are civilized

Moderator: Yes. Now I want us to talk about the issues which are leading to our children to their change in behavior during this time when the schools are under lockdown. After that we shall also listen to the version of teachers, what do they have to say

Teacher; Now  sir what is leading to misbehaving of our children during this time when they are not at school, children have a lot of free time at home where they do house work like washing utensils, she finishes her work and goes to loiter and the parent will say nothing, let her move and go.

The second one is that as parents we are not taking good care about our children, as parents we even move more than our children, you move and leave the children home for a whole week without anyone controlling them, every child does what they want. By the time you come back you find when their behaviors have changed, the other time teachers used to help the parents, they would tell the children not to abuse their parents. But these days, there are nolonger there. The parent will go and look for money and leave the children behind so she, he will have no time to spend with the children to direct them on what to do, that don’t abuse, the teachers used to help us.

Moderator: Thank you Ms. Madina from Bugweri ,Busesa, that’s her say about the children and what has caused the discipline of the children to change. These children we are saying that they are indiscplined, are they getting these bad behaviours from their homes, what can we do, what exactly is causing the children to misbehave. Madam Munyunyu Susan Hellen from Luuka, Bulanga Primary School

Teacher: Thank you moderator for the question you have asked me, why the behaviors of children are getting spoilt. According to me the behaviors of children start from home but the parents leave that work for teachers, but God put there this temptation of this disease.

Moderator: So you mean this disease is a temptation

Teacher: Yes,if a child has not learnt good behaviors from home, when she comes at school the teacher will cain him/her. The parent fails to discipline their children, yet it’s said that charity begins at home. If the child has not been disciplined from home, for me as a teacher I add to what the child has gained from home. Some of the children these days abuse even teachers, and a parent also comes at school and abuses the teacher, so any behavior starts from home, you instill into the child what you want them to be, something that another person will admire from him/her. As a teacher I’m a parent but the biological parent does a lot to instill discipline in her/his child that she or he wants sothat  people can admire him/her and ask who are the parents of that child. That’s why she said that parents don’t have time to discipline their children. But what makes you lack time for your child.

Moderator: Every parent should create time for their children

Teacher: You can work any time but that child when she gets spoilt, it will be very hard to discipline her. But sometimes we claim that we have a lot of work that you have to look for food for them, yes you will get food for them but at the end of the day these are the children you will find as thieves on the village. Because you as a parent you have not created time for her to instill discipline in her. Because whenever you produce your child, you need to ask them what they want to be in future, and the child tells you that they want to be a doctor and you ask if the child if  a doctor would loiter around the whole village,  you need to ask your child where they are coming from. But when the children come back you   welcome them back without asking where they are coming from and then you give them food. You even allow them to knock at your house at night when they are back.

Moderator: The child knocks at the door for the parent to open

Teacher: That’s why you hear the parents asking when the schools will be open sothat the teachers help us

Moderator: So that means the teachers you are acting two roles of being a teacher and a parent.

Teacher: As you have said

Moderator: Thank you so much Madam Susan from Bulanga, Luuka District. Now sir, headteacher, Mr. Mulaba Abbubakari Swaibu, I’m happy to see you.

Headteacher: I’m also happy to see you

Moderator: I want to ask you a question, which issues or why is it that children’s behavior are getting worse during this time when schools are under lock down

Headteacher: Thank you Moderator, for that question, I appreciate all those who are listening in to our discussions. The issue of indiscipline among children, it’s stemming right from our parents, as one of our parents in the studio has told us. The first parent is the one who produced that child at home, who has not taken responsibility, during this time of COVID-19, it has brought the parents at home to get fade up of their children.

Moderator: Yet he/she is the Biological parent

Headteacher: Yes, he/she is the biological parent. Like what my fellow parent has said, the parent at home is thinking that he/she gave birth to this child for a teacher, they have had a thought that let me take you to school so that they discipline you which is not right, so which has made the child to think that his/her parent has no responsibility over him/her because once he mentions anything the child stops fearing/respecting him/her. There for I request my fellow parents listening in to try their best to create a friendship with their children. The children will love and respect them so that their actions which have been at school, like us in Kaliro we have been having many meetings with our parents, they come and see what we do at school, I would request that they copy what we do at school, we call them a timetable of activities, let them also make a time table of the different activities at home which they will give to their children. Let them not leave their children to have only one activity. In the morning go and dig then come and play, they should leave that, Mr. Moderator, I would request that if possible if we are on this program of children learning from the radio, I request every parent out there to take it as serious ,they should put in time, money, effort and even security. By security I mean that the radio might be in a distance he/she should escort their child to go and listen to that radio. Let the parent put in time and also sit there to listen , as my fellow parent has said , the parent should listen together with the child. He should give her/him revision so that, the parent can ask the child what the teacher on the radio said. The parents should stop telling the children to go and listen alone, let them take time, like for us in Kaliro, Butongole, our teachers gather and visit some of our children who are nearby. We have papers that we made.

Moderator: We are looking at how the discipline of these children has got spoilt

Headteacher: Moderator , I was by passing it but let me give now a director answer, when I visit this child, it teachers her/him discipline, he/she will get to know that a teacher will come at a particular time and then the child will adjust his/her behavior.

Moderator: We shall reach there. Thank you our head teacher, Mr. Mulaba Aubakari from Butongole Primary School. Ladies and Gentlemen who are listening to us, thank you so much, you are doing a great job of listening to us on this program that is funded by Elevate. I would like to remind you that I have three visitors with me in the studio,a parent, teacher and headteacher. Ladies and Gentle, these issues we are discussing when you look them, Ms. Madina, at what are you doing inorder to manage the behaviors of these children? If you can be able to manage the children very well during this time when the government locked down schools

Parent: Thank you for the second opportunity you have given me to speak to my fellow parents, what we have to do is to become friends to our children in order to be able to change their behavior so that they develop good behaviors. You don’t have to be very tough, or beat them in order for them to learn.

The other thing, we should be available to assign them work to do according to a timetable, you make sure that they are busy all the time. Not to just leave them after doing one activity that the child is tired, let her play, no we have to be available to keep our children busy until when this lock down is lifted.

Moderator: How can we keep these children busy? That’s what we are looking for Ms. Namatende

Parent: Sir, we have to give them activities which make them busy

Moderator: Which kind of activities: We have to tell them, like now that teachers are not teaching, there are books some hawkers are selling in the villages, there are some libraries in the village, and in some towns, you encourage them to go to the libraries. Like in our village in Bugweri for Kyitakule, there is a library, if you can’t afford to buy a book, you can tell the child to go and read from the library.

The second thing, there are hawkers who also sell holiday packages.

Moderator: What I’m asking, if you tell the children to move and go to the library, do they reach?

Parent: We don’t have to just leave them like how we leave chicken in the house to just go out. We have to follow them upto the library and you hand the child to thee concerned person.

Moderator; Is this what you are doing or your fellow parents doing? Or you are just talking about it. 

Parent: Sir, for me the children I have at home are 5 and 7years old, My children go to the library and they study everyday after doing their house work like fetching water and washing utensils. So after taking their tea, I take them.

Moderator: Ms. Susan munyunyu has something to say about that issue, what can we do?

Teacher:  I want to correct the parent that this child might be bright in that she studies well but lacks discipline, have you ever seen a child who is bright in class but indiscipline.
Moderator: Yes, it’s true

Teacher: You will give the child books to read, I say that keeping a child in reading books is not what makes the child disciplined. 

Moderator: You are trying to say that when a child is bright in class but has no discipline

Teacher: You as the parent, if you have given the child all the books, check her behavior, does she in the village abuse people or keep loitering. We have to create friendship by letting the child know what you like and don’t like.

Moderator: Ms. Madina has something to add to that issue

Parent: Madam Susan,I was asked a question, that how can we keep our children busy without them loitering And disciplining them.  I said we should make them our friends as parents. 

The second thing, they asked me a question, how can we keep them busy, that’s when I gave there an example of reading books.

Moderator: Susan start from there.

Teacher: I think I had not understood you well. I though you said that you would keep a child disciplined by reading books. A child has to learn you as a parent. First of whole , you have to build his/her confidence, for those children to trust us, having trust in you as a parent, if a child speaks something does she or he trust you. If a child trusts you, it’s very difficult for that child to misbehave, and even if you leave books for that child, she/he will play but will know that if my mother comes without me completing the work. After reading you will give her another activity, you will not keep her in books only. I’m also a parent. Don’t keep the child in books from morning to evening without playing, the child has to play, learn how to cook, wash clothes, greeting.

Moderator: What is that , we should do to manage their behavior

Teacher: The parent well may say that he/she will get for her/his child reading books, holiday package

Moderator: I also want to know what you teachers can do to 

Headteacher: Thank you moderator, before I add to that, allow me thank the parent who mentioned that she escorts the children to the Library and they reach. I call that supervision of activity; she acts as a supervisor to her children. She monitors them.

 The second thing which I think we should do, as teachers lets remain visiting our schools where we teach because once I visit my school like Butongole, I can’t fail to get 4t0 5 parents and we discuss issues  concerning children’s behavior. Where I have not reached, the parent is able to raise to the teachers issues about their children and they also inquire about what to do. I get any way how she can manage their behavior.

Moderator: Yes we are looking for such ways of managing the children’s behavior as you are with these children at home.

Headteacher: I’m requesting teachers to be at schools sothat they talk to the parents.

Moderator: But you are saying that teachers visit schools and talk to parents but what about those teachers  who are in the villages so how will they be at school. You might be a teacher in Kaliro but when your home is very far in Kyigwanira. Now how will you do supervision of the parents and children?

Headteacher: Thank you Moderator, where we have reached it’s easy to do supervision. We keep calling one another. We agree to be at school for some days. And he is there for those days and he will tell me whatever he /she has been able to get. As a headmaster I also go to the school and do the same.

Moderator: Practically, how are you doing this?

Head Teacher: Practically I’m doing it by requesting teachers to come and be at school, sothat we can visit some of these children. We reach at the child’s home when the parent has already told us about her/his child. We also put there our questions which we move with and I’ll report to you that at Butongole, its going well.

Moderator: You deserve some handclap. The parent and teacher have joined me in clapping for you. The headteachers/ teachers and parents listening to us at Busoga one 90.6 fm, lets change the behaviours of our children sothat by the time they return to school, their discipline has changed. Sothat they don’t tell the headteachers that ever since the schools were locked down, the children are not disciplined. Ladies and Gentlemen listening in to Busoga one 90.6fm, we are going for a break for 2minutes then we shall give you this message. Keep listening in.

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Moderator: 90.6, the spirit of Busoga  one, I’m Balondemu Simon from Family Concepts Centre , Iganga together with Elevate, Partners for Education in partnership with Twaweza. Ok at this time,allow me tell read our phone numbers sothat we can listen to you our dear listeners as you discuss with us, give us your comments on what we can do to manage the children’s behaviors, lets reason together, the MTN number is 0776999906  for airtel  is 0757906906, ok let’s  listen from you

Moderater: Hello Sir, tell us your name and where you are calling from

Caller 1: I’m Mukuye  Benard from Budoma Luuka: Children, women are the ones spoiling the children, they tell us to leave the children, what shall we do? 

Moderator: How are the women spoiling the children?

Caller 1: They are taking the children to the trading centre, they send the children to the borehole at night, they also send them to the sugarcane plantations and when the fathers ask about their children, the mothers tell them to leave them.

Moderator: Ok thank you Mr. Mukuye Benard, let’s listen in to another call on the line; Hello , caller on the line

Caller 2: I’m Maganda Alex from Misoli, I’m also saying that it’s true women are the ones spoiling children more, you can tell tell them. The second reason when I talk to the children about their behavior their mother will refuse me and claim that I should not talk to them.

Moderator: So you mean the mothers don’t want you fathers to rebuke the children

Caller 2: yes, the government should put laws for the women

Moderator: Ok thank you. Let’s listen in to another caller on the line. Hello 

Caller 3: I’m Umaru from…… not clear

Moderator: Is that a question? Ok,let’s listen to another caller

Caller 4: Welldone. Benard from Nanvunano, women should rebuke the children.

Moderator: You are on the issue of women not disciplining children. Ok, thank you. Let’s have another caller 5: I’m Sande from Isikiro, Mayuge District, The mothers have done a great job

Moderator: I want to hear another question which is not about mothers, we have heard about mothers and we shall answer the questions, so now ask another question. That one has gone off. Let’s get another caller. Hello;

Caller 6: Hello sir

Moderator: Yes Madam

Caller 6: I’m Nakayiga Lydia, from Wansimba, we have a lot of pain because we try to take care of the children and give them different activities but there are fathers who don’t want us to send the children to do any activities. So let the men not say that we are the bad ones. But for us women, we take good care of the children and we send them to do different activities.

Moderator: Ok, Madam Lydia, thank you so much . Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to thank you for calling in. Allow us to answer these questions. Dear listeners, the people in the studio, I told you I have one gentleman who is a head teacher from Kaliro, Mr. Mulaba, I also have  a lady who is teacher from Bulanga Primary school, Luuka, Ms Munyunyu Hellen, I have another lady representing parents from Bugweri whose children are studying from Busesa Mixed day and Boarding. You have heard those questions, The first caller asked what can be done to the ladies/mothers because they are the ones teaching these children to go and do businesses e.g selling pancakes, cabbages, bananas. Let me first start with Madam Teacher Susan

Teacher: Thank you Moderator for that question that the parent asked, what he should do to that parent who sends the child to go and do a business of selling. Let me first ask a question to that man, as the head of the family, what is prompting the woman to that to send the child to go and sell goods, are you providing the necessities of the family

Moderator; Necessities of the home as the husband

Teacher: The woman cannot just send her child to go and sell goods yet she knows that you as the father doesn’t like it, when you are providing all the necessities of the home. I’m thinking that let the men also first check themselves.

Moderator: Are you saying that the men are the ones with the problem

Teacher: Yes, I think the men are the ones with the problem because no woman can send her daughter to go to all those risks, to go and sell goods, when you surely do provide for your family the necessities for using at home.

Moderator: So you are saying that these women are doing their best

Teacher: Yes, the mother decides to remain at home and then tells the children to go and sell and get money which they will use to take care of home. What are you doing as a father?

Moderator: Ok, Headmaster;

Headmaster: Thank you Moderator, and my fellow teacher. I’m asking my fellow parent, Mr. Benard, that another way he is blaming the wife, that even there other ways that a man can provide for his family so that , what hurt him most is the girl going to the bore hall at night. He could be when he bought the jerricans at home but when the mother is not telling the children to go and fetch water during day time. I’m saying that what is best is we should create a way of supervising the different activities which we do at home with our children. It’s very important.

Moderator: Madam Munyunyu, I think has something to say

Teacher: To add to what the headmaster has said, I think these women, the husband you are the head of that family, tell your wife what you want and how you want your children to be raised. If you leave for your wife to be the head and you become the legs, then the home will not be a home, the children will get spoilt. For us women we have a lot of sympathy, but you as a man stand up as one and say what you want to be done in your home. If you don’t want your child to go to the borehole to fetch water at 7pm and it will be so

Moderator: Thank you so much. I would like to ask Madam Madina, this gentleman from Misoli is saying that, women don’t want to rebuke their children or punishing them. Is this true?

Parent: Sir Moderator, male parents, as they have said that we female parents are the ones spoiling the children, the male parents are dead, he wakes up early morning like at 5:00am and he gets out of the house without leaving anything and then you the woman you become the man, wher you have to provide for the children, for everything. If you don’t send that child to go and sell tomatoes, onions, you won’t eat 

Moderator: So you are on the same issue as the head teacher has been saying that husbands should take up their responsibility of providing for the family so that the children become disciplined. Do forget our topic of discussion, of managing children’s behavior in our home and community during this time when the schools are under lock down. We have a gentleman from Jaguzi, Mr. Umaru who asked  a question that if he sends his children to go and harvest sugarcane, is it bad, because he is teaching his children how to look for money . 

Headteacher: Thank you Moderator, that question that was asked, it’s not bad, it can only be bad when you who has sent them, you have not told them the importance of selling the sugarcane. Like my fellow teacher said be a man in the home by showing them what you want and what you don’t want in that home. Take the child to harvest sugarcane when you teaching him responsibility of income production or to bring something home which will be helpful. Though he should do sugarcane harvesting in the right time, looking at age, class and the area where he is and what he is using. 

Moderator: After the child making that money, where does he take it?

Headteacher: Do you leave it with him to just but eatables, go and watch movies in the cinema hall or go and do gambling.

Moderator: Which advice are you giving?

Headteacher: I’m advising that the parent should do supervision, he should go with him to the sugarcane garden to do harvesting sothat you may know how much he has earned out of the sugarcane harvesting and then you will also show the mother how much he has earned, the boy will learn that whatever you have earned as a man you tell your wife what you have earned,. So when the boy grows up, he will know that whatever a man earns he is supposed to show his wife. They tell us the a forest are the growing children

Moderator: Thank you Headmaster from Kaliro, Mr, Mulaba, There was a question from Mr. Sande from Isikiro, Mayuge District. He was asking about the same issues. Head teacher, did you get his question

Headteacher: Yes, he was condemning the women but moderator you asked him to give us a question which is not about women and he went off. 

Moderator: This question goes to Madam Susan; Your fellow lady from Wansimba asked that what can we do about men who are blaming women.

Teacher: Thank you Moderator, Madam Lydia talked about men who blame women, don’t blame someone without first listening to both of them. We women, we like wearing shoes which are not ours by carrying the whole family. There is one who talked about the law. They also don’t know that there are also men who face gender based violence. They only think women are the only ones who face GBV. Yet the woman is also an issue to the man. Sometimes the problem comes from us women, we need to tell the men, especially when there is no food what to do. Before you start that small business forthat child, why would you start that business without the man knowing? Why does the man have to find his child selling bananas then he comes to ask you  why the child was selling bananas.You should come to an agreement together, if he refuses then you let it go. But the father finds the child in the centre selling bananas, you keep saying that the father doesn’t give us money. So that poor relationship between father and mother is also affecting our children. The children decide to love one of the parent and they keep asking. The children have to see from us how we relate with one another. They will know that dad and mum don’t like this. 

Moderator: Madam Madina, what do you have to say about what Madam Munyunyu is saying, do you support it

Parent: Yes I do support it, our relationship as husband & wife has to be good so that the children grow up when they are disciplined

Moderator: Yes, Mr. Headmaster

HeadMaster: Moderator, I wanted to emphasize on family relationship, that this relationship is very important. I want us to tell all parents, children and other listeners, that charity begins at home, these parents didn’t grow up from the same family, and they just met when they are already old. So let it be a learning lesson to those who are outside, that both of you have to behave well in front of the children so that they may also be disciplined. I also continue appreciating my fellow teacher that whatever you do as a parent is what also the children will be copying.

Moderator: Thank you so much my visitors today in the studio. Thank you for all your answers to the questions. Let me take only two more questions. 0776 999906 or 0757906906

Moderator: Hello Who is the caller

Caller 7: Mr Basalirwa, I just want to thank you for that topic


Caller 8: Female parents are spoiling the children


Caller 9: Nicholas Lugendo, What is spoiling the children, it’s us the parents who are misbehaving infront of the children. We need to change our behavior as parents. Let’s take our responsibilities as parents.

Moderator: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for listening in and Mr Lugendo thank you for your advice. Our discussion is for the good of our children, by the time the government will open the schools, when the situation is not bad especially with the behaviors of the children. Its discipline which rules everywhere.  Let me ask my visitors to give their last remarks. I would like to start with the Parent, Ms. Madina Namatende.

Parent: I would like to thank Busoga one  Fm.Parents , let’s keep our children disciplined. I send my greetings to my mother, Mutesi Kamuyati  from Busesa and my sisters. Let God keep you.

Moderator: Inorder God does not keep us for money. Thank you for coming Madam Madina. Ms. Munyunyu give us your last remarks.

Teacher; Thank you Busoga One for hosting us on this program. It has been a good discussion, the message I’m leaving for the Parents, let’s love our children, no one will love for you your child. Leaving your child to get spoilt won’t help. I remain Munyunyu Susan Hellen. I send my regards to all my fellow teachers and my baby I left at home , take care, I love you.

Moderator: Thank you Ms. Munyunyu from Bulanga, you have done a good job, when you go back, send my regards to Ms. Namukose Florence, my friend.

Teacher: Oh I had forgotten, Ms Namukose , my headteacher, I send you greetings. Thank you for taking good care of us. Moderator that lady is good. She has helped so many vulnerable children.

Moderator: Tell her to send my regards to Madam Lucy. Headmaster, give us your last remarks.

Headteacher: Thank you so much Moderator and Elevate to enable us to be able to talk to our fellow parents who are listening to us at this time. Moderator I appreciate so much these programs. Thank you for reaching to our District Kaliro, I also thank our DEO, Mr. Kamada Edward, coordinator, Mr. Kategere Edward and my school Community of Butongole Church of Uganda for the work we are doing and my entire family for being there for me and I also encourage my fellow parents to learn from this. Keep washing hands.

Moderator: Thank you so much, I have been Balondemu Simon, the moderator for the day here at 90.6 fm the spirit of Busoga. We shall be here every Saturday. I send my regards to Babirye Sarah at Family Concepts Centre, my mother, Cissy Namisango from Magamaga. Elavate, thank you. God bless you all.