Talk 20: How Other Key Stakeholders Are Supporting Remote Learning

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Yes our good listener, this is Busoga one 90.6, I want to welcome you again and at this time on our program which is scheduled from 12: 00-1:00pm every Saturday. My name is Nakiirya Brenda Dpreen from Community Concerns Uganda Initiative and our office are in Wairaka where we work in areas of education, health and development and we also train people in vocational education like tailoring, saloon and hair dressing at our offices. We work in districts like Mayuge, jinja, Luuka, Kamuli and Buyende. I also want to appreciate those we work with on this project of positive deviance in districts like Kaliro, Iganga, Bugweri, Mayuge Luuka and Bugiri.

I have not come alone but with my friends right here in the studios and we are four people. I want to begin right with the person on my right hand side.

Panelist one: Thank you very much Madam Nakirya Brenda for welcome us/me, my name is Wandira Robert Oundo the leader for St. Thomas Makuutu Luuka.

Moderator: Thank you and your’ welcome Mr. Wandera. I want to welcome the gentleman on my left hand side to introduce himself.

Panelist Two: Thank you moderator: I will straight away divert to using another language and I do appreciate you Brenda, and the moment I hear your name straight away I remember my woman Member of Parliament Brenda from Kaliro my name is Simon Mukyaye the chairman school management committee Busulumba P/S. Busulumba is found in Kisanda Sub-county which was part of Gadumire sub-county kaliro district. I real appreciate for hosting us in this place and I want to send all my regards to all people of His Royal Highness that stay well.

Moderator: You are welcome Mr. Mukyaye and I want to welcome the last person to also introduce and tell us his name.

Panelist Three: I am so happy Mrs. Brenda, thank you for hosting us, my name is Isabirye John Patrick and I am the chairman Bulende, Namagonjo village, in Buwuni Town Council Bugiri district, thank you our listeners.

Moderator: You are welcome Mr. Isabbirye John.

Panelist one Wandira Robert Oundo: Miss. Brenda, if I do not appreciate and welcome people from Luuka they will feel left out and I want to appreciate Chairman LCV- Mr. Wakaze Simon, My boss DEO Mr. Kamwika Francis, and all people from Makuutu village, Buyoga village that you’re listening to your son Wadera Robert Oundo please tune.

Moderator: Thank you sir, I want to appreciate Elevate partners for education who fund this program every Saturday and they use the wisdom which resides within us. And today we are doing to talk about” How stake holders within our schools and communities and how they are supporting education at homes as schools remain closed”. On that very note I want to appreciate the parents, children, teachers, head teacher and all those stake holders supporting education and all of you tuned Busoga one radio on this program. I want to ask parents to inform your children to tune and listen to this program. Last Saturday we had Mr. Balondemu Simon in this very seat, he works with the organization of GIST. And he was here with tow teachers, one was Yyona Justin a teacher of P.3 from St. Cleaver Bubogo P/S Iganga district and Madam Muzaki Jamawa a P.1 teacher from Nakalama P/S Ignag district and they talked about the experiences gone through as they facilitated the remote learning on different medias to ensure that children are learning in this period- putting much emphasis on what has worked well, what challenges and what needs to be improved. I would like to remind you on what they discussed on that day. For example;

  • They told us that their fellow teachers and the head teachers and the district officials real supported them during the remote facilitation on radios.
  • That also told us that our children can learn from any ware provided they have the radio with pencils, pens, books and they can learn
  • They said parents should support their children in this period; however, there are parents who are not giving in support to the children.
  • They appealed to fellow teachers to always handle a small group of children to ensure the SOPs are kept by the government because they may be arrested.
  • They requested parents to keep a good relationship with their children to ensure their children are learning in this lockdown from homes. I want to remind you that today we are focusing on a different them and I was only remind you of what was discussed the other week. Today’s’ topic is How stake holders within our schools and communities on how they are supporting education at homes as schools remain closed.

Mr. Mukyaye Simon we very well know that you are the chairman of SMC and that is the same committee that connects/links the school with the other parents and it has got a lot of responsibilities, how you and your committee supporting the children in seeing that children can learn from home in this period of the lock down?

Mukyaye Simon: Thank you very much Madam Brenda the moderator, I am so glad that you hosted me here. Allow me to appreciate you and all my colleagues today. Us the committee of Busulumba P/S we do encourage the children and the parents in this period for them to full fill all their roles. In the same way I want to appreciate the government of Uganda most especially the ministry of education for providing the reading materials through the teachers and the head teachers where children have been given assignments to work from their home and I am therefore encouraging all parents not to over load children with domestic work, and leave some time for them to revise their books.

Moderator:  Mr. Mukyaye, how do you encourage them?

Mukyaye Simon: We encourage them through using the opportunities at burial ceremonies as I told you before I am the chairman SMC and at the same time chairman LC1 of my village (Nyende) and the parish leader Busulumba. So I have a number of opportunities to speak each time people have gathered, therefore  I pass the message to Parents should give their children time and even use the elder children in upper classes to guide the young ones and children can also visit their nearby teachers in small numbers to be helped.

Moderator: How do you relate with the head teacher to continue supporting children learn from home?

Mukyaye Simon: Thank you very much madam moderator and I thank the head teacher Mr.Isooba of Busulumab P/S together with the teacher for the good work they have done but we have a challenge teachers coming from far because we have not educated children. The head teacher tries so much to give us time from the long distances he travels to school and he gives children text books, visit some few homes and he also sends work to children with smart phones, after they are done with it, they send to him for marking to avoid huge crowds.

Moderator:  You talked about the challenges that some teachers are coming from far but as the chairman, which other challenges have you faced as the chairmen in supporting children learn from home?

Mukyaye Simon: Thank you madam moderator for asking me again, the challenges faced in our communities is that some old people who never went to school in their times, have seen less value in supporting children, we only handle them softly and since they are close to the lake they are free to fish and demine the educated thinking they are not better than them because they have many heads of cattle not knowing that those riches last for the short time but once the child is educated he gains much.

The other challenge is children are being sent out to sale pancakes; tomatoes in trading centre and some are going in cinema halls to watch football, where many have impregnated and girls have become pregnant.

Moderator: Thank you and first put a hold on that very point and we hear from Mr. Isabirye. As a leader of Namagonjo Village, the government gave out some reading materials but please tell us what did you go through during distribution of those materials?

Isabirye John Patrick: Thank you so much madam moderator, I thank the government of Movement because during this period the pandemic, it took the responsibility that children are going to be in villages, and they brought the reading materials through the LC3 chairman. And we distributed those papers to everyone but the challenge was they were not enough, people shared through photocopying.

Moderator: Were those papers helpful to the people?

Isabirye John Patrick: Those papers were very helpful to children and they were being supported by the able persons, teachers and myself because I at least know something.

Moderator: Alright, we start from their but let us hear from Mr. Wandera Robert as the Head teacher from St. Thomas Luuka, you have heard the SMC chairman and the village leader we would like you to tell us how you have related with the chairman of Makuutu and SMC to full fill learning of children in these two years.

Wandera Robert: Thank you Madam Nakiirya Brenda Doreen moderating this issue tonight and thanking my colleague here Mr.Mukyaye from Kaliro, Mr. Isabirye from Bugiri, and thanking the leaders of this radio without you may be we would not have this discussion. Now back to the point how I have related with these people in my community like Mr. Mwase Grce and my SMC is Mr. Lubaale Matiya also a head teacher of a certain school and other stake holders. People in that category we have worked together like speaking on issues pertaining education and encouraging each other that even if schools are not open but learning is still on at homes and it is our responsibility- me speaking, parents and other people and apart from me being a head teacher, I am also a parent and children are there\, each time we meet they give me the information and I alos advise them.  Madam Nakirya that is how we are moving in our village Makuutu, Buyoga.

Moderator:   You have told us but what is the role of those committees and how have they managed to fulfill them in this period of the lock down?

Wandera Robert: Thank you very much Madam Nakirya Brenda and to continue knowing their roles and responsibilities at school, one they are our/my bosses as teachers because they give us children and they are responsible to give their children all the requirements needed at schools apart from the usual ones from school like text books, structures, chalk, teachers, but the ones we cannot provide like books, feeding, disciplining them before coming to school, it’s their responsibility to tell their fellow parents and to encourage and advise about the good education and conducting exchange visits to other better schools to learn on the different methods used.

Moderator: Do you mean in this very period they are fulfilling their responsibilities or they are doing something else in this period?

Wandera Robert: They have not dropped their responsibilities and I can’t say that they have fulfilled it all.

Moderator:  what have they done in this period?

Wandera Robert: In this period, they have gone on reminding parents that learning will resume and children can learn from home. Just like the two colleagues have said, when reading materials come they are received by the big shorts in the areas but we continue following up via sharing, are the materials being used or not, we record who has not got or received and in this very period, they are coming to monitor schools is it in good shape or any challenge? And the parents divided responsibilities like two-three members in a week to check on the school and report cases of tress pass by people and animals at school and other hooligans within the school compound.

Moderator: Why do you think they have failed to fulfill their responsibilities?

Wandera Robert: Thank you Miss Brenda Nakirya but if they have failed, we should not forget that we are all people where our personal responsibilities over take the given ones forgetting that this person campaigned, given and accepted the responsibilities but in the long run he does not perform ending up forgetting what he/she is meant to do. Secondly there those who think that head teachers earn a lot and they tend to leave their part to us and still there those who are bad hearted with slothful.

Moderator: Alright, I think Mr. Mukyaye want to add on something and I think there is a failing responsibility some ware.

Mukyaye Simon: Thank you madam moderator I want to add on Mr. Wandera’s point where people think they are entering into business to earn the moment they here of these positions and I testify to other people the moment they attend two seatings and there is nothing, the next time you call for meetings, they do not come however much one writes a letter still they do not surface not knowing that this is voluntary work and is the Lord who rewards.

Wandera Robert: Thank you very so much sir, and there is another reason I wanted to talk about is other people come to fight battles during the time for campaigns but at the end of it they do not succeed.

Moderator: Okay, we will now go for the short break and we will talk about how stake holders within our schools and communities are supporting education at homes as schools remain closed. Please call on this numbers 0757906906 or 0776999906 continue discussing with us- thank you.

The wisdom to learn resides within us and I continue welcoming you from the break together with my friends here in the studios and you will call us on those lines I have provided and when you call please tell us your name, where you’re calling from and discuss with us about today’s theme.

Helloooo, thank you for calling and tell us your name and where your calling from,

Caller1: My name is Saleh from Buyola, I want to thank for bringing those people because the situation they go through is not easy. I am only worried of one thing because as children prepare to report back in January will they receive what they haven’t received after schools have re-opened?

Secondly, they were promised to get some money will they be in position to have it?

Moderator: Which people were promised money?

Caller1: Teachers were promised money during the first lockdown?

Moderator: Thank you and let us pick another caller.

Caller2: My name is Isabirye Simon from Nakibungulya Kamuli thank you for the services.

Moderator: Sorry we have lost him but there is this gentleman Saleh who asked a question, I don’t know whether Mr. Wandera you got his question.

Wandera Robert: Madam Brenda I want to appreciate you but Saleh’ question from Bunyora about the things which were promised and they haven’t yet come and how will children be after they report back in January. Let us play our part as parents and leave the rest to the government, give children enough time to study, buy them papers and the government promised pads most especially the re-usable pads but I am appealing to the parents, teachers all government officials that let us play our part other than waiting for the government to work.

Caller3: My name is Gamulembe Tom,

Moderator: Thank you for calling and please discuss about today’s theme.

Caller3: I am asking we have got children who think they have grown up and each time we are remind them about re-opening schools, they openly tell us how they will run to town what can we do for them?

Moderator: Mr. Isabirye I would like you to respond to that question since you are a village leader and I guess you heard the question.

Isabirye John Patrick: Let me first thank you and I believe this will help the listeners. I want to also thank Mr. Wandera and Mr. Mukyaye for whatever they said is what is happening in our communities because they are going to Dubai, Kenya and other places looking for jobs but our work is to encourage them to acess education and telling them the value of education, sensitize their parents.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Isabirye first hold on right there, Mr. Wandera is adding on something.

Wandera: I want to assure you that let us handle children with care if you fail to handle this child as a parent, then who will handle them? Secondly please tell your children that education has got no age limit, in our place we do not refuse any body depending he/she has come to study. I am encouraging them not to put their focus on money as they are in their rightful stage of learning because formally the child belonged to everyone but these days the child belongs for an individual that thing has also spoilt and I am requesting everyone to participate and we have a good society.

Moderator: Okay hold right from their and we pick another caller.

Caller4: My name is Tenwya Bakali from Naimogo Luuka

Moderator: What have you done to support children in this period when schools are closed?

Claller4: In all I thank Mr. Wandera is an example to teachers of Luuka and Ikumbya in particular because he has gone ahead to always visit and support children in this period. I also want to appreciate the other two gentlemen in the studios let them take that topic as an important issue.

Moderator: You can also tell us what you are doing to engage the children at home.

Caller4: My dear I do not have children yet in school.

Moderator: Thank you very much and let us take another caller.

Caller5: Hello Brenda.

Moderator: Yes please tell us your name and where you’re calling from.

Caller5: My name is Joze from Buvuma Kadomolo fisrt of all I want to appreciate all,…

Moderator: Oh no we have lost him.

Caller6: Thank you for serving,

Moderator: Thank you please tell us your name and where your calling from.

Caller6: My name is Ayubu from Mpumbe, we have tried to train our children using the study/reading materials which were provided by the district but many children have given up and many girls have become pregnant and formally the small children have grown up. I want to reach out my message to the people to tell their children to study and parents to use a good language to the children and teachers. They can also provide materials and requirements to schools when they finally re-open; I send my regards to all the people in the studio.

Moderator: Alright, thank you so much Mr. Ayubu, Mr. Isabirye you have heard what that parent has said and he comment on the poor behaviors of the children and how is the situation in Namagonji are the children behaving the same way?

Isabirye John Patrick: With me all through I am too appreciative the person who called in, the friends in the studio and more to you. We have the committee as the LC1 and we do invite the community for sensitization and take the opportunity to call other key stake holders from the parish, and different levels like police to support us to talk to parents and the children. We want to see change and even using these chances like you have given us here.

Caller7: My name is Musasizi from Kwibiri Kyebando

Moderator: Yes Musasizi what are you doing to engage children in this lockdown?

Caller7: What I do is to train my children in numbers like 1-10, thank you for your services.

Caller8: Ssebagala Latif from Kangulumira.

Moderator: Yes sir, how are you engaging your children over there in Kangulimira?

Caller8: We are engaging the children and trying to reduce their time of being idle, as we look for money to take them back next year.

Moderator: Mr. Mukyaye you have heard what Mr. Isabirye comented and with you as an SMC, in which ways are you participating in engaging those children?

Mukyaeye: I real want to thank my friend for being so supportive and all parents doing the good work, but in this period I want to tell you if there was any parent who was under looking to support their children, this is the time to engage them and instead become teachers for your children. Because in this period every parent is saying children have become uncontrollable we wish schools can open- then let’s be very mindful about the children and reduce the punishments to children.

Moderator: Alright thank you sir let us pick our last caller, thank you for calling and please tell us your name and where you are calling from.

Caller9: My name is Bogere Philip from Iringa at Kalimu’s chapti stall.

Moderator: Yes Bogere what is different that you are doing to continue supporting children in this period?

Caller9: For us in Buyende many young children have become pregnant

Moderator: So what have you done for those pregnant girls to continue learning?

Caller9: What I said in Buyende there is nothing we can do.

Moderator: Mr Wandera, you have heard what is happening in Buyende as a head teacher advise parents on the matter of pregnant children, will they be able to report back to school or?

Wandera: Thank you madam Brenda for the time you ave given us and how you are moderating this program. Ladies and gentlemen I am still Wandera Robert from Luuka but I want to call all parents beginning from Bogere from Iringa to stop saying that there is nobody who can help please begin with you and mobilize children and the parents. Secondly pregnant children will not be stopped to report back to school and let every parent take care of your children. I also want to commend Mr. Mukyeya for appreciating teachers and our hands are wide open to receive from you appreciative parents. However don’t let your children to grow only in the hands of the teachers but we also need parents support.

Moderator: I want to thank you listeners and all callers including the parents, children and the teachers who are doing something to support learning from home. I want believe that your learning something from us and I want to encourage the parents with children who have become pregnant to also encourage them not to lose hope after birth they can still go back to school and the head teacher told us that they can go back to school though they are still pregnant. I want my friends here in the studios to use two minutes each to give us their key take away points from this program beginning with Mr. Mukyaye, your message to parents and send regards to two people.

Mukyaye: Thank you madam moderator you in particular and the leaders of Busoga one FM. Thank you for the opportunity given to me and I am requesting all parents to do their needful before schools resume, by the time teachers handle them they will be in position to respond well.

Moderatro: You can send regards to two people.

Mukyaye: I want to thank the head teacher Mr. Isooba Peter for taking care of the school and all parents, people of Busulumba, Kaliro and all district leaders.

Moderator: Okay, let allow Mr. Isabirye to tell us his last message from this program and send greetings to two people

Isabirye: Miss Brenda, thank you very much and for linking us, now parents have known the relevance of teachers and asking parents to become teachers in this period. I am requesting all parents of Namagonji to take care and sending regards to my head teacher Mr. Mukose for the efforts because we get first grades every year and finally my wife Topisita, thank you.

Moderator: finally Mr. Wandera your last message and greetings to two people.

Wandera: I want to thank you and the management of this radio and Mr. Odeke, my director and SMC Makuutu , my wife and people of Buyoga. My message is let us not wait for the white to come and tell us that Covid is still there and finally each time you come together you get wisdom. Thank you.

Moderator: Thank you our time is over but I want to thank our partners Elevate partners for education for supporting education in Busoga and every Saturday we are here. Next week we shall be with the district heads talking about some issues and I send regards to my parents in Magamaga and all the staff of CCUg. Together we can achieve.

Stay well.