Talk 19: Experiences Of Modal Teachers Facilitating Remote Learning

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Alright the wisdom to learn resides with in us and I take this opportunity to welcome you to this program, I mean you listening and seeing me in the studios especially the ones with me in the studios. This is our lovely program full of lessons and most especially our colleagues from   the districts in Busoga like Iganga and Bugweri where I work, Kaliro, Luuka, Mayuge and Bugiri I am so happy for you have always tuned in to this program. We are Elevate where we say that the wisdom to learn resides with in us, my name is Balondemu Simon today seated in this chair moderating this program from the organization of Global Integrated Skills Centre found in Iganga where we work with children – boys and girls, in and out school and those who say that their education ended and we support them in vocational education, please bring them and we are located just opposite Iganga Municipal Council offices on Hajji Munuro road in the studios today I am with my friends who came to visit and we are live on Busoga one 90.6 FM I am with my great friends who are teachers, we are going to hear all about them and without wasting time let me begin with the madam on my right madam am happy to see you.

Madam 1:  I am so appreciative Mr. Simon for this day and for the opportunity given to me here at Busoga one to come and talk to people listening in now. My name is Yayona Justine a teacher from Bubogo p/s St.Peter Cleaver and I am a primary three teacher.

Moderator: You’re welcome Madam Yayona Justine from Bubogo P/S Iganga please you can draw your chair close to the microphone and let me welcome my friend on the left hand side tell us your name, where you came from and what you.

Madam2: Thank you so much Mr. Balondemu Simon for the opportunity given to me to speak to the listeners and let me continue thanking the organization of Elevate for the opportunity given to us to speak to the listeners. My name is Muzaki Jamawa I am a teacher from Nakalam P/S and a primary one teacher.

Moderator: Madam you’re welcome from Nakalama and friends listening to us, these are the people I am going to be flowing with them for this one hour up to 1:00 pm and we shall be moving slowly. Today still I want to appreciate Elevate partners for education that has come out to fund the improvement of learning in Busoga and Elevate has enabled us to come here every Saturday to handle some issues concerning you the parent, teacher, head teacher, stake holders and even the very last person at grass root level, these issues are all important. Today we are going to talk about the theme that says “the experiences that teachers have gone through while facilitating on remote learning where I mean radios, TV, phones- those experiences most especially teachers in promoting and enabling children learn in this period – where we want to put our emphasis on what has worked well, what has enabled them, what has challenged them and what needs to be improved in this period”. Therefore, I want to call upon the children, parent, head teacher come close and tune and many people have so much loved this program because every where we pass by people give us messages and I want to appreciate Mr. Yowasi Kenneth from Nadidongha at the shop garage, Mr. Ntale Godfrey is an assistant probation officer of Iganga and I want to appreciate this lady from Naminya Mrs Diana Fred in Buyikwe and all of you who give us the message, we real appreciate thank you so much. Okay I do not want to take long on the issue but I want to tell you that today I want to remind you that last Saturday on this seat we had Miss Nakiirya Brenda Doreen from Community concern Uganda Initiative which is an NGO working with districts like Mayuge, Kaliro, Kamuli ,Buyende and Jinja. She was not a lone but she had Miss. Talivawo Eseza a teacher from Nango P/S in Mayuge they were here dissecting through a number of issues but madam Talivawo doubled as a teacher and a parent and they discussed the theme about Parents fulfilling their teaching role to children together with how teachers and schools can help parents. That is the topic they discussed and allow me to briefly break down some of the issues they talked about.

  • She told us that parents together with their children when they are listening to the radio, they record those lessons and messages. The moment the child wants to listen to the topic/message again, a parent just re-plays it for the child to get it well.
  • They said that parents get their cell phones and give them to the children to call teachers on radios and ask questions which teachers can immediately respond to them.
  • They told us in homes there are children in upper classes and others in lower classes whereby the elder children are supporting the young ones to learn in a time when children are doing their domestic work like one can ask the young one like how do they call the cup in English, and if you pass this question, I will give you a portion of my food or my mango.
  • She even told us that thought some parents were doubting the ability of their children but they discovered that their children are learning a lot through their domestic work and parents are watching their children grow as they learn about growth and development and guiding them on sexuality education.

The last one on those issues they said that there has been a lot of desire between the parents, teachers, schools to have support for their children to learn in this period.

I want to remind you about today’s theme where we are focusing on the experiences of what teachers have gone through while facilitating on remote learning, what has worked well, what challenges have they faced and  what needs to be improved. Madam Yayona Justine,

Yayona Justine: Yes Sir,

Moderator: You are a teacher from St. Cleaver Bubogo –Iganga I am happy to see you.

Yayona Justine: Me too sir.

Moderator: Now you have heard and please describe for us, I mean give us a picture or give us an introduction of remote learning or teaching on radios- what does it mean?

Yayona Justine: Thank you so much sir, teaching on radio/ remote learning means a teacher coming from your usual area after being identified by different people to come and teach from the radio or different Medias to ensure children are learning.

Moderator: what do you mean by those Medias?

Yayona Justine: Those Medias include TV, radios, Zoom as they learn.

Moderato: What kind of Media have you been using?

Yayona Justine: I have been using radio.

Moderator: Just like we are here?

Yayona Justine: Yes sir.

Moderator: Alright, thank you, now how did you become to be one of those who facilitate the remote learning on radio?

Yayona Justine: Thank you so much Mr. Simon, for me to come out I was selected by my bosses from the district because for sure I appreciate them for caring and they used to monitor and supervise how we do our things at St. Peter Cleaver just like I told you before. They selected those committed ones only.

Moderator: what do you mean by committed teachers?

Yayona Justin: I mean the teachers who have passion for something. It means doing all things possible to make one being a teacher that is what made me to be selected like the head teacher, inspector, DEO.

Moderator:  So they are the ones who selected you after close supervision?

Yayona: They did what they call close monitoring in all schools but they found different things in different schools.

Moderator: Which class and subjects do you teach?

Yayona Justin: I teach subjects like Literacy one and two with mathematics.

Moderator: When you were asked to come to radio to teach, how do you do it?

Yayona Justine: Just as I said before when it meant coming to the radio because there has been a lock down on transport and it has not been easy but I used to get the facilitation from the district because they wanted us to come and help the children.

Moderator: Fine the ward lockdown has turned out to be a lusoga ward and when they first asked you to come for facilitation on remote learning, what first thing that crossed your minds during preparations most especially in the period of lock down yet we very well know that when your teaching during normal lessons, children seat before you but what real came into your minds?

Yayona Justin: Thank you so many sirs, what real came to minds first was to mobilize children to appear like we are in a class room because children are not seeing but just listening.

Moderator: You told us that you mobiles those children but what challenges did you face in facilitating remote learning in this period? And how long have you done this work of facilitation on radio?

Yayona Justin: I facilitated for 7 weeks that means one month and 2 weeks.

Moderator: Now madam, what challenges have you been facing while facilitating because you did not have those children in a physical class.

Yayona Justin: The challenge is parents and the children do not care about the agreed time because parents and the children tend to other works giving us a challenge of this child losing because he loses a step by the time we get to the next step the child will never catch up with us in the next topic.

Moderator:  Looking at what you have been through at the radio, what needs does a parent have for his child to benefit from the remote learning at radio.

Yayona Justin: Any parent would give real support and comfort to the child to learn. Because are materials that needs to be used like pencils, books, boxes, flowers etc

Moderator: Are you meaning in normal classes or during radio lessons?

Yayona Justin: Oh my dear even here at the radio, a parent needs to prepare for the child on time. If the child is not prepared then he/she will not benefit.

Moderator: Alight, that the reason for the parent to benefit and now, what needs a child to benefit from the radio facilitations?

Yayona Justin: That child would work together with the parent, but if they are perlalero the child will not benefit and if both of them are seated together, let me assure you Mr. Balondem even this parent who never went to school they can both learn out what the teacher is teaching on radio.

Moderator: Thank you so much madam Yayona Justin a teacher from St. Peters Cleaver Bubogo. Okay let me get to my friend Madam Muzaki Jamawa from Nakalama P/S, you have heard what your colleague Justin was talking about the back ground and the challenges she was hinting on concerning the remote facilitation on radio, I believe those challenges that hinder remote facilitation, how long have you done remote facilitation?

Jamawa Muzaki: I have taught for three weeks?

Moderator: Now Madam which classes do you teach and what subjects:

Jamawa Muzaki: I teach primary one, English language/subject.

Moderator: Madam you teach English in P.1 please remind me the school?

Jamawa Muzaki: Nakalama primary School.

Moderator: what challenges have you faced in facilitating remote learning?

Jamawa Muzaki: Thank you so much Mr. Balondemu but the first challenge is time.

Moderator:  What is wrong with time?

Jamawa Muzaki: The distance from our communities to the radio, where I was challenged with time management.

Moderator: But if you talk about the issue of time you already know.

Jamawa Muzaki: Sometimes delays in preparations because I facilitated during the lockdown.

Moderator: In which part of lockdown did you facilitate in?

Jamawa Muzaki: The first lock down.

Moderator: But I remember very well during the first lockdown, they allowed some few.

Jamawa Muzaki: True they allowed a small number in the viecheal but still we were being supported by the district officials who used to facilitate us to the stations>

Moderator: Now concerning this challenge of the transport and distance, how do you think it can be improved on? Should we wait for the schools to be re-opened for this issue to be handled?

Jamawa Muzaki: At this moment, this issue is now solved because transport was lifted up.

Moderator: Okay madam Muzaki, you told us that many people have given you support, who are they?

Jamawa Muzaki: The district officials, head teachers have facilitated and head teachers like my own Bukye Edward and other fellow teachers.

Moderator: How have the fellow teachers supported you?

Jamawa Muzaki: They have supported me in making lesson plans when I am stuck I can call for guidance.

Moderator: Did you receive some training on how to facilitate remote learning before preparations most especially on lower classes? Because your all lower class teachers.

 Jamawa Muzaki: Mr. Balondemu, we did not get any training on remote learning facilitation.

Moderator: Okay as I conclude this issue madam Muzaki which advice can you give to a parent and children who listen to your radio lessons? How can a parent benefit to ensure that his child learns?

Jamawa Muzaki: A pparent can help a child as lessons proceed.

Moderator: How?

Jamawa Muzaki: like gathering reading and counting materials like sticks and if the parent is unable there are other elder children in upper classes of p.6, p.7 to support the young ones.

Moderator: Well, what does a child needs to do to benefit from the remote facilitation?

Jamawa Muzaki: A child is meant to take time to listen to those lessons.

Moderator: But madam Jamawa, can a child of lower class settle down and give attention to the lessons because you have been facilitating lower classes?

Jamawa Muzaki: A child cannot committee herself to the radio but if the parent is their then can guide the child to listen to lessons. Okay I have seen Madam Justin rising up the hand, it’s like you want to comment something on madam Jamawa’s point in one minute.

Justine: Thank you so much.

Moderator: Yes sir.

Justin: You talked about the challenges we have got during this period and what can parents do to ensure their children benefit from the remote facilitation but my request is let parents monitor the children because what we give them to work from home is quiet much and I request parents to monitor them or to direct the elder children to support the young ones in trying to listen the radio topics being taught.

Moderator: Alright thank you very much all our listeners and the friends here in the studios, remember we are talking about the experiences that teachers have gone through while facilitating on remote learning where we want to put our emphasis on what has worked well, what has enabled them, what has challenged them and what needs to be improved and for that reason I will be taking you for the short break and when we get back we be discussing with you on these lines 0776999906 or 0757906906 Or you can visit our social media on face book at Elevate partners for education or on Twitter at Eleveta capital Ed and capital UG.

Okay the wisdom to learn resides within us not in any one else and I want to welcome you back from our break and we are going to hear from you over there I mean the child, parent, teacher, and any other person listening in right now and you feel the impetus, remember we are focusing on the  experiences teachers have gone through while facilitating on remote learning where we want to put our emphasis on what has worked well, what has enabled them, what has challenged them and what needs to be improved our studio numbers are 0776999906 or 0757906906 let us listen to the one on line Helloo…

Caller1: This is Anthony from Igayaza.

Moderator: Where is Igayaza located?

Caller1: Its in Buyende district.

Caller2: This is Kagoma Joseph from Buyola Luuka.

Moderator: Is that Nawampiti?

Caller2: Yes Naewampiti

Moderator:  You are welcome sir.

Caller2: Alright but back to the point, I want to thank those madams but there are families where most mothers are illiterate and by teachers saying parents should gather the materials to use it is a little hard because they bare careless and on this note I request for the government to only re-open schools for the children to get back to school.

Moderator: Before we request for the nation to be re-opened, we need to support our children by the time they re-open when we have done something what is your view? Oh dear we have lost him yet I wanted to hear his view.

Caller3: Thank you for serving Busoga one.

Moderator: Your welcome and thank you for listening.

Caller3: my name is Dada Fundi from Kabembe.

Moderator: Yes Fundi what is your suggestion over the topic.

Caller3: My suggestion is- let every parent become a teacher to children because if parents don’t do it children will report back when they have learnt nothing.

Moderator: Now what is your view towards the teachers in the studios?

Caller3: I am appealing to them to continue teaching children because we have got many children to support.

Caller4: My name is Bogere Philp from Iringa Buyende.

Moderator: Yes Bogere Philp we are glade listening to you please on the issue.

Caller4: With me I am just appreciating your sevices.

Moderator: Only appreciating our services, fine let me get back to the friends in the studios and you have heard what Mr. Fundi is saying madam Justin, he is saying that there many children –madam Jamawa I do not know whether the government is still offering you the opportunity to facilitate on radio, does it?

Justin: No please.

Moderator: Why?

Justin: It was stopped.

Moderator: what is the reason?

Justin: I think it is the issue with finances.

Moderator: Okay let me not go into those matters let us hear from the one on line. Helloo…

Caller5: My name is Magala Alamanzani from Irundu Buyende.

Moderator: You are welcome and thank you for tuning in.

Caller5: Tank you but there are vulnerable families where they do not even have a radio, what can we do and we ask for the government’s support.

Moderator: How have you been doing it in Irundu Mr. Magala.

Caller5: we real try our best but you find yourself with nothing and no help for children as there no radios.

Moderator: Madam Jamawa I would like you to advise him according to what you have heard like many parents have got no radios and other means etc.

Jamawa: I want to advise him that though they have got no radios in their homes, let the children team up with the neighbors to listen to the radio if there is a good relationship.

Moderator: Okay madam Justine let us use a minute over this same issue.

Justine: In addition Mr. Balondemu let the parents use the elder children to support the young ones.

Caller6: Mr Balondemu, thank you for serving

Moderator: Please tell us your name.

Caller6; My name is Ntabamiluka from Buwenge Butagaya.

Moderator: Please your suggestion on the radio

Caller6: I am only appreciating those teachers for sacrificing their time to teach the children.

Caller7: My name is Kiswa Robert Mpungwe.

Moderator: Kiswa Robert is you a pupil? I have lost him but am like a pupil.

Caller8: I am Madam Sharifa from Iganga but the challenge we are facing is electricity black outs that take a round three days without coming back yet we use radios by electricity by the time power gets back the lessons have ended.

Moderator: As a teacher by the way you are from which school?

Caller8: St. Francis Nursery school Iganga

Moderator: Which message can you give other fellow parents and teachers listening to you over that issue?

Caller8: I am a nursery teacher but what parents do is to call me and provide work to children only that the challenge is we need to demonstrate to children and show them that this is called a cup, a jag etc. However the advise I give my fellow parents is to have a good relationship with children and if a child fails to perform let them consult the nearby teachers and one madam in the studios said that we take children to the neighborhood but we are not supposed to gather it’s a against the sops.

Moderator:  Thank you so much madam Sharifa for your suggestions and Madam Justin, you have heard that the challenge is electricity black out and the lower classes children need to be guided well. And still just as madam Jamawa said we need to support them because there are parents who are unable to help their children now what is your advice in addition to the caller’s?

Justin: Thank you sir for those questions but I want to advise my parents just as the caller said, let the parents use solar panels to tune to the lessons.

Moderator: Well, there are people with solar panels and the radios do not use them. I think the advice would be buying small radios that use the small dry cells.

Justin. That one can also work.

Moderator: Alright let us get another caller on line.

Caller9: Thank for the service.

Moderator: You are welcome; please tell us your name and where you’re calling from.

Caller9: My name is Semmwanga Anthony from Igayaza I only want to appreciate that method because it has worked for me.

Moderator: Are you a teacher pupil/student, parent or?

Caller9: I am a student of Devine SSS

Moderator: Okay, Semwanga thank you.

Caller10: Katukiro Ayub from Bukizibu I am saying that we have children who can learn but in the villages there is no one who can guide them as everyone is looking forward to make money for books because children look for their own scholastic materials. Like for me I am a student and my father cannot pay for my school dues so I plead for the government to the government to reduce the dues for school to enable us study.

Moderator: Well, I wanted his point but he is been unable to make it to the end.

Caller10: My name is Nabirye Robina Polyne and I am requesting if children are being taught from home, sometimes teachers are arrested and of recent in Buligo they arrested some incase they find like 10 children being taught.

Moderator: You have heard her saying teachers are arrested but still I remember one day I watched over the news-tv and I saw people who were arrested in Iganga over the same issue and we are here commending parents to engage their children what is your view over the same?

Jamawa: With me I think by the time police arrests them if they are more than ten or fifteen and I appeal to all teachers to have put them into small groups and engage them from their homes.

Moderator: What about a time when they are not listening to the radio because you told me the radio facilitation program was council. Which advise can you give?

Jamawa: I teachers can look for the children.

Justine: I know that by children getting together we need to keep the SOPs to keep our children safe.

Moderator: Thank you madam Justin.

Caller11: My name is Kalevu Hakim from Dollew Golofa.

Moderator: Thank you for calling and please comment on the topic.

Caller11: The challenge we have is most parents are illiterate and very poor, because as they want to engage them they can’t and with me I have 2 children and what I do is to buy charts and other reading materials

Moderator: Thank you sir well he is teaching his children on discipline and other staffs.

Caller12:  My name is Ivan from Kiira View a student and I am saying this because this approach has worked for me and I have been following but the challenge is parents are not minding on us especially when the radios runs out of dry cells.

Caller13: I am Sharif from Bukizibu a student from Iganga High

Moderator: You are welcome sharif in which class are you?

Caller12: I am in S.5

Moderator: Please go on, oh dear we have lost sharif I think its air time.

Caller 13: I am madie from Irapa Buyende.

Moderator: Thank you for calling Madie from Irapa, please comment on the topic of the day.

Caller13: I am commenting that those teachers have helped us a lot in teaching.

Moderator: Madie, what have you benefited from the radio lessons?

Caller13: I have engaged in this period and I have gained a lot.

Moderator: Thank you Madie from Irapa amd let us pick another caller.

Caller14: I am glad to hear from you and I am caliing from Nkondo Buyende.

Moderator: Thank and we are glad to hear from you too what is your name?

Caller14: I am Abdul-Rahuman Kimeze, I have just come in this place but I want to thank Elevate for reaching the communities. Parents are just lying that they are pretending to teach yet not.

Moderator; Thank you Kimeze but you are not bring out the point well and please madam Muzaki Jamawa you have heard those callers and briefly tell us what you have learnt in today’s program, key message and send greetings to two people in one minute.

Muzaki Jamawa: In today’s topic, I have learnt that a child can learn from anywhere provided they can learn and the relationship between the parent and the child should be strengthened.

Moderator: Alright, send some greetings to two people.

Muzaki Jamawa: Thank you Mr. Balondemu and I want to send regards to my head teacher of Nakalama p/s Mr. Bukye Edward and all the staff of Nakalama p/s

Moderator: Okay madam Justin tells us your key message for today and send greetings to two people.

Justin: Thank you so much sir, my challenge is parents are not playing their part and decided to be careless but I am appealing to them to take their responsibilities for their children.

I want to send my regards to my lovely friend madam Abwine Betty my head teacher and all the staff Bubogo p/s and all our bosses like the DEO, Kwagala Justin and others.

Moderator: Alright, thank you every one listening to us and my friends in the studios. They have requested to us to give them time and students and pupils are complaing of not giving them time, please buy for them dry cells and groups children into small groups to keep then learning.

I want to appreciate those who called in from Kamuli, Buyende, Dolwe like Klaeveu Hakimu , Iganga and others and more so our partners Elevate for supporting education in Busoag yopu have doen it and you will continue doing it. I still want to thank our great listeners like Kenneth at the shop garage and all those friends and all staff of GIS- Sarah, Mugulusi get well.

Friends we appreciate every one God bless we shall link up again I have been your servant Balondemu Simon.