Talk 15: Supporting Remote Learning For Children In The Lower Primary Grades

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Moderator: okay, its true our dear listeners, the knowledge that can help us elevate education is within us, I welcome you all to our show which is just starting and I know you had tuned in as usual knowing that from 12:00pm-01:00pm we are always at only, 90.6 Busoga one fm and all ears are on.

I welcome you dear friend who is listening, I welcome all the districts that make Busoga region more so PD where our programs are, talk of Iganga, Bugweri, Bugiri, Luuka, Mayuge and kaliro districts where we operate from.

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Balondemu Simon I work with an organization called global integrated skill center located in Iganga district but we work with Bugweri district as well. This organization works with students and those we call out of school young people, we help them at the time they are not at school by giving them vocational skills. We are located at that road that heads to skeys hotel or opposite Iganga municipal council offices.

I once again welcome you, Ladies and gentlemen listening am not alone in the studio, I have come with  friends who have visited us on this program, I won’t take much time let me give them the opportunity to tell us where they are coming from, what they do and the district they are coming from. let me start with lady on my right, you don’t know how the studio looks like, but here in the studio she is on my right, I welcome you madam please introduce yourself.

Guest 1: thank you so much Mr. Balondemu, my name is Namulondo Justine from Iganga district am a teacher at Nakavule primary school my head teacher is called madam Kiwala faith, I teach primary one, am glad to be here.

Moderator: your welcome madam Justine a teacher from Nakavule p/s, if that lady is listening, I send you greetings my dear friend omusiginyi faith Kiwala. Let me welcome another lady, I have female guest this time round on this program, you are most welcome madam introduce yourself to the listeners.

Guest 2: thank you so much our dear listeners, my names are Kanaabi Esther from Bugiri district, a teacher at Namayemba primary school, teaching in primary two, my head teacher is Sanya Apusad

Moderator: Your most welcome madam from Bugiri from Namayemba primary school, we send greeting to all those listening from Bugiri district. Let me take this opportunity to appreciate Elevate partners for education for enabling us reach here and for funding this program that’s why every Saturday, at this time you are listening to us on this radio. Ladies and gentlemen the knowledge to uplift education is within us, remember I always tell you and this why elevate funds these programs, to uplift education in the whole of Busoga region through students, teachers, parents, head teachers, local leaders, religious leaders and everyone to fulfill education today.

My friends in the studio, the day today we are having a topic we are to talk about! We are talking about how to help kids who are still in lower classes how to learn while in this season of lockdown. It’s our topic today .When I talk of lower classes we mean primary 1, 2 and 3, that’s where we are putting our emphasis on, that’s why one of you teaches primary one from Nakavule and the other teaches primary two from Namayemba. That’s where our emphasis is today, we are a going to help the young children to learn more in this lockdown.

Last week we had Miss Nakirya Brenda Doreen as modurator on this show and she wasn’t alone in the studio, she hosted madam kagoya Mary the head teacher from Butimbwa primary school in Waibuga, Luuka district and a parent called Mutabuza Robert from Nalanga, bukatuube s/county, Mayuge district. Their topic of discussion was about the necessities that can enable the students learn while they are not at school, to strengthen partnership between parents and schools and remind parents and teachers of their responsibilities. They talked about a number of issues on that day I would like to remind you some of them were, students are learning from media houses, though they all teach at a different time. They furthermore said though the classes are still locked at school, teachers and head teachers have opened up schools to enable parents and student to get materials they can use while studying. The students at school should wear masks, wash their hands or sanitize if they are to get studying materials during the school visit. They also said they are using question papers from newspapers to educate the students though few parents can access these papers, those in the villages cannot access them. Teachers and head teachers are mobilizing students who are not far away from schools to come and get the enablers and they always forward these students to the nearby teachers if their parents cannot help them do the work. They encouraged parents to build a good relationship with the teacher if the students are to study well.

Miss Kagoya said ministry of education gives them enablers at school and am going to ask the ladies in the studio if they also got the school materials which were given to students in upper and lower primary.

Miss Namulondo did you also get these studying materials? Before you answer, we have always learnt that the lower classes have not gone back to school since 20/3 till date, how have you managed to engage the children around you or as a school?

Guest1: I don’t know about the school but as an individual, i have managed to get children and helped teach from home in my own way. I advise parents……….

Modulator: Before you advise parent? How have you helped these children in your own way? Please explain.

Guest 1: I have p.1 curriculum so when these children come I teach them what they are meant to learn.

Moderator: how many children do you teach per day in lower classes?

Guest1: I have few children I teach, they are always 3 or 4 depending….

Moderator: Do they all come at ounce or they all have a different time?

Guest1: they all come at ounce because I always schedule a time table for them after they leave I do other things.

Moderator: Madam Namulondo?

Guest1: yes

Moderator: you have spoken as an individual; now as a school what preparations have had to enable these children in lower classes to learn while in lockdown since the school is in town Iganga municipality?

Guest1: aaaah Mr. Balondemu I won’t lie, we don’t have any preparations going at school, may be it may start now after hearing this show you have brought us on.

Moderator: how have other teachers around you been able to help these children?

Guest1: have seen other teachers collecting children who are close them, teach them and help them not to forget.

Moderator: Like I said madam Justine, have got any studying materials from the ministry on of education?

Guest1: Mr. Balondemu am not aware, have not got any information from my boss.

Modulator: who do you mean by my boss?

Guest1: that is my head teacher miss Kiwala faith.

Moderator: okay. So you mean the upper classed got but lower classes haven’t?

Guest1:  I don’t have any information.

Moderator: ohh you don’t have any information….. okay many teachers have been telling us that these children come to their homes, you also said that you have a smaller group, have you moved around your neighborhood talking parents to bring their children to study?

Guest1: No, have not move, but now that they are listening please parents you can come to me if you want me to teach your child, I leave at Nakavule on the main road near Mugoya garage.

Moderator:  parents and teachers have helped the students like you are doing it, have you found any difficulties while on helping these children in this lockdown.

Guest1: the challenges I may have found is that in this our country Uganda you can’t serve without pay, though sometimes it’s possible

Moderator: you can offer from the bottom of your heart….

Guest 1: yes you can but people should appreciate our efforts.

They all laugh………….

Moderator: so that’s the main challenge, so what other challenges have you faced?

Guest1: parents not establishing a good relationship with teachers, if there is a good relationship between a teacher and a parent its easy for a parent to bring their children for studies.

Moderator: Miss Justine, thank you so much for information you are sharing with us and how you are helping the children by teaching them in this lockdown.

Let me appreciate the presence of Miss Kanaabi Esther from Bugiri

Guest2: thank you so much sir.

Moderator: Miss Esther we all know that it’s been a while children in lower class have not been studying we have even realized that parents have been much bothered about the children in lower classes concentrating only on the upper class students yet we all know that a good development and a good foundation is in the lower classes we are talking about, what challenges have you faced while dealing with children now days?

Guest2: some of the challenges have faced are that these children are not studying and they have completely forgotten everything they were thought, so I request all parents……………..

Moderator: before you request the parents, what other challenges are facing as teachers in Bugiri district?

Guest2: others challenges I face as a teacher, parent request to bring their children to me, I tell them that the government stops us from teaching anyway I will help you and teach them for free……

Moderator: you mean there children your helping who are not paying? And how many are they ?

Guest2: yes am helping them

Moderator: how many are they?

Guest2: they are 7

Moderator: where do you teach them from?

Guest2: at home

Moderator: at home!

Guest 2: yes at my home…..

Moderator: how do you do it?

Guest 2: I made a time table for myself and the children, in the morning I do my house chores; I meet the children at 02:00pm.



Moderator: How old are these children and are they all in lower classes or you even teach those in upper classes?

Guest2: they are all in lower classes; I have those in primary 2, primary1 and others in nursery

Modulator: so do you teach them in one class or you separate them?

Guest2: I separate them; they don’t study from one place….those in primary 2 seat separately from those in primary one and nursery

Moderator: After reaching out to the parents of the children you teach how do neighbors where you stay feel after failing to bring their children to be taught?

Guest2: most of children have joined my classes on their own, i just see them carry their books and come around, I don’t chase them later their parents send some small staff as a token of appreciation. I always advise them to read hard to please their parents, I show them love and I also give them home work so that they come back the following day.

Moderator: how long have been doing this?

Guest2: it’s been 7 months and many parents appreciate my services and promise to give something when they get but of Couse i love what am  doing and I do it from the bottom of my from heart.

Moderator: thank you for serving… Now madam Esther have heard that media houses have had lessons for children in lower classes, I would like to know whether a child in primary one and two can really seat and concentrate on what the teacher is teaching without getting bored? And what advice do you give to parent’s help their children remember all the care and emphasis has was dedicated to those in upper classes?

Guest2: thank you so much Mr. Balondemu, you these children feel good as they are having these classes over the radio, but where the problem is, is when they don’t understand the question asked and yet the parent the child is with doesn’t also understand the same question. They would wish to inquire but there is always no way because the program has to continue and if they ask from fellow students they stop concentrating. Secondly they take notes and exercises but there is always no one to mark their books, I would be so good if parents would take time and learn together with their children, guide them where necessary and then consult from the teachers where need be so that they can explain it well to their children.

Moderator: I think madam Namulondo wants to add something.

Guest1: yes I want to add something; we honestly want our parents to be part of these media studies, because these children are not good time keepers, for example if it is at 12 in the noon as we are here at busoga one talking about education, parents should know when to tune in…..

Moderator; assuming these are lessons not as we are just chatting here……

Guest1: yes, parents should make sure their radio batteries are charged if it uses electricity, they buy batteries if the radio doesn’t use electricity, they should be active while monitoring those children. Parents still talk well to your children instead you remind them of their lessons by calling them names, show them some love, prepare them in time and provide them with scholastic materials like books, pencils et c and don’t wait for the time of lessons to come and rush them to settle for the lessons, please prepare them in time if they are not lag behind.

Moderator: Thank you so much, please finish your point

Guest1: yes, if the child is not prepared on time and he /she find when the lesson has started, he/ she may fail to understand what has been taught.

Moderator: thank you so many madam Justine from Nakavule she was adding to madam Kanaabi Esther’s points.

Madam Esther why do you think it is important for the children to study during this lock down, we are looking at the kids in lower classes that primary one, two and three?

Guest2: I think it’s important because when school time resumes, he/she won’t forget how to hold a pencil, read and write. Still he/she won’t forget the educational environment, these children should not only think about playing even it is important to them.

Moderator: when you talk about educational environment what do you think parents perceive it?

Guest2: parents think we only study with books yet education is so wide, there is physical, mental and how to get friends.

Moderator: so that’s one, for the child not to forget how to read and write which is called handwriting….you know even if you’re an adult and you take long to write you can easily fail how to write

Guest2: cracks a joke

Moderator: that is real Lusoga…….they both laugh

But madam Esther we have also seen these children in lower classes being sent by their own parents to do certain work like selling vegetables, they move with buckets of eatables, tomatoes and so many others. Most of these children are between 6 to 10 years, how do think parents should handle these young children they are sending to do such work because they are everywhere?

Guest2: fellow parents be so careful with your children, show them love stop sending them to do what they are not meant to do. These children will get tempted to do what is not right, like when she grows breasts she will be seduced which  will cause problems in your home yet it’s you who started all this this! I request all parents since we have all these educative programs on the radio, leave these children to stay home and help with house chores because you can easily monitor them from home. Parents have become so reckless. Its true you love money but are you doing the right thing sending them to do this work at that age?

Moderator: it’s a good point

Guest2: you see these children  want to be loved like am telling you, the way you love your husbands is the same way you should love them, they will even learn to open up to you by telling you of those who sexually abuse them. For example at my own school in Bugiri where I teach, some students broke the law while I was looking……

Moderator: what was that?

Guest2: Parents do so many funny things before their children; let me briefly tell you this story. One time a primary two girl told his father that he had a boyfriend at school and the father never bothered, actually this girl is in my class and on the fateful day the parent sent her to school she never reached…..

Moderator: now I would like us to advise parents, we may be taken up by the story, madam Namulondo what do you have talk about her example in one minute?

Guest1: I advise parents not to send their children to do what they are not meant to do, let them do only what they are meant to do, still I advise parents to be so mindful about their children’s education make sacrifices by buying text books from the bookshops even newspaper as they advertise, don’t wait for the schools to open, it’s your child that is lagging behind. So I advise you to make you children busy, they should not only play invest some small money in their education. Still parents should create a good relationship with the teachers to help and guide your child.

Moderator: thank you so much madam Namulondo and madam Kanaabi Esther from Bugiri, our dear listeners we are still continuing with our topic of how to educate our children who are in lower classes while in lockdown, our emphasis is on p1,2 and 3, and as teachers are helping your children please appreciate them…

Guest2; even if it’s not a token, thanking us does us a lot of good because when you talk about money many will think about money yet we are paid…..

Moderator: parents these teachers are advising us to have a good relationship with the teachers so that you children continue learning, not to forget the class room environment, reading and writing. They still advised parents to buy study materials in this lockdown like manila chats, from the bookshops and newspaper to help our children.

Our dear listener am taking a short break and when we come back please get us on call 0757906906 or 0776999906, you still join us on our on our Facebook page called elevate for partners for education or on twitter @elevate Uganda, please don’t leave we are coming back.

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Moderator: it’s very true the knowledge to uplift education is within us, I welcome you back from the break this program is brought by elevate partners for education and our topic to day we are talk about how to help the children in lower class to study and my name is Balondemu Simon. In the studio I have two guests, they are both teachers for lower classes, one is from Nakavule p/s and then the other from Bugiri dist. Namayemba, they are guiding us on how they are helping the society without pay yet others have folded their hands only waiting for salary.

On that point we would like to hear from you our dear listener and tell us how you parents, teachers and head teachers are helping the children in lower classes to learn. Don’t forget our studio lines are 0757906906 or 0776999906, you will tell us your names and where you are calling from, lets proceed.

Let’s hear from our callers…….. Our caller isn’t clear….yes can someone say hello……. Our studio lines are 0757906906 or 0776999906 we would like to hear from you……I think our studio lines have a problem meanwhile we are still continuing with our topic of discussion, Madam Namulondo!

Guest1: Yes

Moderator: we are still talking about giving support to the children in lower classes as studio phones being put right, you were still discussing.

Guest1: I still request parents, like I have said that if we are to learn from our villages, the tree of us….

Moderator: interrupts by receiving a phone call

Hello sir, thanks for calling, what are your names and where your calling from?

Caller 1: Pius from Buduuli

Moderator: in which district is Buduuli found?

Caller 1: Kamuli district.

Moderator: please proceed

Caller 1: I appreciate you for what you are doing?

Moderator: before you continue, do you children in lower classes and which class?

Caller 1: primary one and two

Moderator: how have you helped your children with education in this season of lockdown?

Caller 1: my children are studying from somewhere and they are well guided

Moderator: how do you handle the teachers who are teaching your children?

Caller 1: I offer them gifts or money when I get it.

 Moderator: thank you so much Caller 1, let me receive another caller……hello caller….ohhhhh we missed him, let get another one, hello caller we have missed out on this as well.

Madam Namulondo you heard Caller 1 saying he gives gifts or money to the teachers who are helping his children, do have anything to say?

Guest1: I advise parents in our absence as teacher to please act like class monitors to your children, guide them and know when to read books, it doesn’t matter the times he /she repeats the work.

Moderator: okay someone is on the line, hello……

Caller: hello….

Moderator: your names and where you’re calling from?

Caller 2: am calling from Bubote

Moderator: where is that place?

Caller 2: it’s in Mayuge dist. Bubona parish, Malongo subcounty

Moderator: your names sir?

Caller 2; Alhasala Mayanja Muzaham

Modulator: those are many names, I have only heard of Mayanja…. Continue sir

Caller 2: let take this opportunity to thank those teachers who have to the studio

Moderator: thank you for appreciating so how are doing it in Mayuge?

Caller 2I am a teacher so I teach them from home.

Moderator: which school do you work with?

Caller 2it’s called Alahumed alkisilamiya

Moderator: okay, we have heard you so how do you help your neighbor’s children?

Caller 2: since covid 19 rampant, I only teach those I stay with, am worried we may get infected.

Moderator: hahaha your way too careful guess you don’t leave your home. Thank you so much mr. Caller 2Muzaham from Mayuge, let’s get another caller? Wooo he has gone off…….

Hello caller……

Caller: am called mama Raula from Lugolole….

Moderator: yes mama Raula from Lugolole

Caller 3: I appreciate those ladies in the studio but I advise parents to take care of their children.

Moderator: how should they take care of their children?

Caller 3: They have abandoned their children; many are selling staff around so they should monitor their children until school resumes.

Moderator: how have those schools where you take your children helped your children??…….ohhhh mama Raula has gone off…..let’s get another caller,

Hello caller: yes sir…. Am called Mufumbiro Musa from kalagala

Moderator: where is kalagala?

Mufumbiro: it’s found in Bukabooli, in Mayuge district. Hello…. I wasn’t getting you well…..

Moderator: we are clearly getting you, please contribute on our topic.

Mufumbiro: first and far most, I take this opportunity to thank the ladies in the studio, please continue to educate the children in these bad seasons.

Moderator: how are doing it with your children?

Mufumbiro: I to got a teacher for my primary five child and the teacher has treated us really good and know when school resumes my child will not be lagging behind.

Moderator: apart from the one of primary five, do you have any in lower classes?

Mufumbiro: they are all in studying in one class.

Moderator: so the teacher teaches them at ago?

Mufumbiro: yes

Moderator: okay, thanks for sharing with us.

Let’s get another caller. Hello sir….. Yes sir, thanks for calling what are your names and where you’re calling from?

Caller: hello, how are you doing sir?

Moderator; am fine sir, your names and where you’re calling from?

Caller: am called Moses from Bulanga in Luuka district, I sell chapattis at Mawundo road.

Moderator: please contribute on our topic.

Moses: let me thank those teachers in the studio for everything they are doing, I have three children……

Moderator: How have you handled your children?

Moses: The time they locked, I had one in top class, primary one and primary three?

Moderator: How have you helped them to study?

Moses: we have a teacher at the neighborhood who has really helped us with the children because she has about 18 children……

Moderator: all in the same home!

Moses: yes all in one home but she separates them in three groups, there’s a way we always appreciate her in our own way.

Moderator: let me talk to Madam Esther.

Guest2: yes

Moderator: you have heard all the parents calling, there’s a way they are appreciating their teachers in their own way. Mr. Mufumbiro has told us that her primary five child shares a class with those in other classes, what do you have to say about it?

Guest2: I think the teacher is not doing it well because the old and young cannot study from one place, the young need more care compared to the old. Secondly they all have different syllabuses; it would have been good to give the one in primary five her work different from the ones in lower classes.

Moderator: he has got the message, madam Namulondo add on something.

Guest1: I want add that us the young, our attention span is very low. They cannot study with the old and move at the same speed.

Moderator: Let’s get another caller, hello sir……………hello

Caller: am Abdusalam from kigobero in Iganga.

Moderator: yes Abdusalam

Abdusalam: am a student not a parent, what is so worrying is that in iganga district many children a now hawkers..

Moderator: in which class are you?

Abdusalam: senior 3

Moderator; what advise do you give your fellow students in upper classes?

Abdusalam: I advise them to read their books and those who can study on internet to go on. I still advise them to stay away from bad groups.

Moderator: how old are you?

Abdusalam: I send greetings to sheik Hamud Mugobera in Busibire.

Moderator: hahaha I knew you wouldn’t miss out that…… another caller hello…

Caller: hello

Moderator: yes madam

Caller: yes…am called Nabirye Robinah Pauline

Moderator: yes madam Robinah

Robinah: I advise parents to get teachers nearby to teach their children, because the kids will forget what they learnt last year.

Moderator: do you have any children?

Robinah: yes

Moderator: in which class are they?

Robinah: I have them in primary two, three, and top class

Moderator: how have you managed your children?

Robinah: I got them a teacher who is teaching them not to forget.

Moderator: thank you so much for the information send greeting to everyone around where you are. We have heard our callers who are parents apart from Abdusalam:I who is a student in s.3 and we have heard him advise his fellow students to read books and he feels bad for the students who hawker staff around town, madam Namulondo how do advise ?

Guest1: I advise parents not to send children to do work they are not meant to do, like I said please take care of your children, sacrifice plaiting hair of 50,000 and plait that of 20,000 thousand, buy books for the children to read. If you don’t do it now, those children will become a problem to you so it time to make sacrifices, invest in your children because you can’t make losses investing in your child. They will help you in the future when you’re old.

Moderator: thank you madam Namulondo, let’s get more two callers as we come to the end of the show. Hello sir…..

Caller: hello sir, how are you?

Moderator: I am fine, what is your name and where you are calling from?

Caller: I am called Balwita Abdu…

Moderator: Yes sir

Balwita: from Bulamagi Iganga district

Modulator: am glad to hear from you.

Balwita: you ask how we are helping our children in this season; we had no idea of gathering the children for studies.

Moderator:  Mr. Abdul Bulamagi is not far from Iganga town and it’s also a town.

Balwita: its true but we have had people to help us gather our children and educate them.

Moderator: Before anyone coming to educate your child what have you do as a parent?

Balwita; as a parent?

Modulator: yes

Balwita: after having supper we have chats we read, and there papers that were sent on the sub county sometime back.

Moderator: how often do you do this with them; do you do it every day after eating supper?

Balwita: it depends if they tired or not..

Moderator; advise all the parents listening.

Balwita: I advise fellow parents to give their children to leader as it is said now days that all children are Musevens’, let’s take responsibility of taking care of our children and provide basic needs to them. I conclude by saying that wrong to abuse children, if you know of a person doing it report him/her to the social workers in our societies.

Moderator: on the sub counties, please conclude

Balwita: even the local chairpersons, many children are suffering let’s not cowards, I conclude by advising people from Bulamagi and kinawanswa where I stay children’s rights are important, lets punish them where necessary in a good way.

Moderator; thank you so much Mr. Balwita Abdul and for the good advice. Our last caller please. Hello sir………

Caller: yes sir

Moderator: let’s use one minute, what is your name and where you’re calling from?

Caller: I thank you for that topic, I have two children..

Moderator: in which class are they?

Caller: one is nursery one and the other is a baby….

Moderator: that’s baby….

Caller: he only studied for three weeks and schools got closed, I tried to look for teachers and got one who is doing a good job, he studies for 3 months and breaks off for a month…………………network fails

Moderator: please extend a bit; remind me of your names sir.

Caller: am called Mubbi Paul

Moderator: thank you so much Mr. Mubbi, we are done with the phone calls. We are using one minute to summarize let me start with the teacher from Nakavule, what have you learnt from this program?

Guest1: parents take care of your children and to the teachers please don’t just seat around help the children your area. I send greetings my headmistress madam kiwala faith she chose me to be here, I send greeting to my lovely husband Mugoya Paul, parents please relate with us we are here to serve you.

Moderator: Madam Esther, what have you benefited from the show, advise and send greetings to 2 people.

Guest2: I now see that teachers and parents are working together towards a common goal, parents are really caring now days by the time school open children will not have forgotten everything. I send greeting to uncle Sanya who chose me to come here from Namayemba primary school, all the staff, DEO, DIS and lastly my sweetheart David Lugemye and his family, thank you so much for listening.

Moderator: thank you for coming this show madam Nakavule p/s in Iganga and Namayemba p/s  in Bugiri, I also thank parents who have called from Mayuge, Luuka, Iganga and even those who have not been able to go through next time better, we always have very little time we shall continue from there next week.

Teachers thank you so much for the good advice you have given the parents and the children. I take this opportunity to appreciate elevate partners for education who have sponsored this program. Regards to all my friends what you wish is what I wish you, lets meet here next week same time, I don’t feel like leaving but I have too, God bless you, Bye.

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