11-06-2022. TALK #2: Understanding parents roles in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools re-opening

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RADIO TALK SHOW #2- 11th /06/2022

Well, the wisdom to improve learning resides in all of us. My dear I take this great opportunity to welcome you and of course it’s a great opportunity to get back here in 2022, June 11th. Our good listeners thank you for tuning in most especially our listeners from Busoga sub-region in the districts of Iganga and Bugweri, Luuka, Kaliro, Mayge and Bugiri. My dear listener, we are back with our program from Elevate partners for education where were going to listen to different issues here because the wisdom to improve learning resides in all of us. And in the studios I have people with me but before I invite them, allow me to tell you that I am your host Balondemu Simon and I work with Global Integrated Skills Centre found in Iganga where we do train youth in vocational skills, we work in both primary and secondary schools in areas of health, and bringing other services. Well, in this studio I have got different people but I want to take this opportunity to thank our friends Elevate partners for education who have done a great work with support from the government of Japan through the International Christian University of Japan.

Today we are going to talk about Understanding parent’s role in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools reopening. But before I precede much, I would like to remind you my dear that the other week- but let me first allow the visitors in the studio to introduce by themselves and I have only men beginning with this gentleman. You are welcome sir.

Panelist one: Sir Moderator Mr. Balondemu Simon, allow me to take this opportunity to thank you and thanking our lovely radio 90.6 Fm for having called us in this place. My name is Mwangwa Kyaterekera Frank a parent from Ibanda Primary school found in a new sub-county called Kidago in the parish of Nabitende and I am glad to be here today.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Mwangwa Kyaterekera Frank from Kidago a parent from Ibanda P/s. Another visitor with me in the studio please you are welcome.

Panelist Two: Sir Mr. Balondemu Simon thank you for giving me this opportunity for having invited me to this radio. First and fore most I want to appreciate the organization of Elevate partners for giving us this opportunity to come to this radio. My name is Mutyaba Robert from Busesa Village in the new district of Bugweri. I want to thank this radio for the wonderful work they are doing and wide coverage all over, thank you so much.

Moderator: Thank you so much Mr. Mutyaba Robert from Busesa Bugweri. My dear listener, remember today we are talking about Understanding parent’s role in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools reopening. When talk about re-opening we mean from the first term of this year after lock down of Cvd- 19. Two weeks ago we had this likely program which was moderated by my colleague Nakiirya Brenda who hosted two teachers and one of them was a headteacher in the name of Mr. Lalulu Waiswa Teko from Mawembe P/S in Luuka and Miss. Nasiwa Christine from Bwiwula P/S in Mayuge. They talked about the behavors of children and among the issues hinted on were;

  • They observed children’s discipline declining as a result of the small jobs they used to do like sugarcane cutting, banana selling, pancakes etc.
  • Another challenges was lack of respect for one another after the lockdown and in this period while at schools, they have seen them changing.
  • Children were fighting a lot most especially the lower children but thank God they have reduced and they also told us that
  • Teachers have gone ahead to organize for remedial lessons and this has children, teachers and parents because they have benefited and
  • They told us that parents have paid for meals of their children at school s because after the lock down, children were used of eating time to time like chicks and still the head teacher Teko told us that they have come on organizing meetings in schools talk with parents about their children’s behaviors and so many points.

My dear listener, as we go on a head we shall hear from one another in this studios and today I told you we have Mr. Mutyaba Robert and in short I want to tell you that it was a period of two years without children going back to school, parents were complaining about their children losing school and so many issues. Amazingly parents would work better to improve their children’s behaviors but I would like to ask you that ever since schools were re-opened, what is your major role?

Mutyaba Robert: Thank you so much moderator, first I told you that I am a parent from Busesa Mixed P/S in Bugweri and my major role on children is the strong foundation where we all stand on. As apparent we have got a lot of responsibility to put right our children.

Moderator: How?

Mutyaba Robert: first and foremost, we have to call them and mentor them in the religious way because if a child doesn’t have the fear of God, we may not get any good out them.

Moderator: how does that help in the improvement of this child’s learning because we are looking at your role as a parent and remember this is the second term ever since schools were re-opened?

Mutyaba Robert: If this child had got God in him/her then discipline and sanitity shall be in him/her. Secondly, try your best to monitor this child in schools and ensure proper learning in schools. Thirdly as a parent of a parent of Busesa Mixed, I gave to visit the teachers just like what I do to my headmistress Mrs. Moit Rose and I ask her about the performance of my children. Another role as a parent is to provide scholastic materials.

Moderator: What is in the scholastic materials?

Mutyaba Robert: There are books, pens, uniform, and shoes because in Busesa a big fraction of pupils have got shoes.

Moderator: But sir there is other schools where they don’t put shoes.

Mutyaba Robert: It is always important to provide them with shoes and all the necessary materials with feeding or poledge because you can’t imagine a child going from 7 am to 5pm minus anything eatable, they can’t perform well.

Moderator: Well, you have talked about the scholastic materials but now how have you come on supporting your children in growing emotionally or emotional development ever since schools were re-opened.

Mutyaba Robert: In the first instance, I seat with my children and counsel them, by telling them about the trend of the world and the happenings.

Moderator: Which type and age of children do you talked too?

Mutyaba Robeert: I have got children ranging from the age of 10 and 15, telling them the culture, principals and norms of our society and others.

Moderator: Mr. Mutyaba from Busesa, what do you think parents are doing well in support of their children to learn from their homes?

Mutyaba: its counseling and secondly not giving them a lot of time to attend to bad peer groups that could spoil them.

Moderator: Do you do it or you’re going to start doing it and on which days because remember they have got only a Saturday and a Sunday, I mean the lower primary children and at what time do you do it as they also need to take some rest.

Mutyaba Robert: I usually do it in the evenings after school and on weekends for those who don’t attend lessons over the weekend like p.1 and p.2 I do speak to them to follow what I want.

Moderator: May be you do it but what about other parents? What do they do to support their children to learn from home without the help of teachers?

Mutyaba Robert: They do provision of books to enable their children to learn.

Moderator: Okay thank you Mr. Mutyaba Robert a parent from Busesa Mixed P/S in Bugweri and at this very moment I want to get to my brother Mr. Kyaterekera Mwangwa Frank formally Nambale sub-county. Now Mr. Kyaterekera, we have seen for a long time children have improved in their behaviors and fro these two terms, parents were complaining for the government to re-open schools and surprisingly when schools were re-opened, we see a big number of children failed to report back to school, can we say they no longer fit in school? Or have they over grown, did the parents fail to clear the schools dues, or should we say that many children lost interest in school? I would like to know from you, why do you think parents have failed to fulfill their responsibilities in the learning of the children because sincerely most parents were saying teachers are less important to us and so many staffs like that. When the lockdown came in, we sow the importance of teachers. Where do you think you have failed to fulfill children’s learning without the teachers?

Kyaterekera Frank: Thank you so much Moderator Balondemu Simon and allow me to thank this radio for the wonderful work they have done in Busoga and this has made many people/parents to learn from this radio. Others have fulfilled and others have failed but let me go back to the question of where they/we have failed? I would like to inform all our listeners because they no longer have love between the parent and the child and the children have hated them too. Children have failed to know their responsibilities because you very well know that a child has to love their parents but since there is no love for one another, failure has come in. secondly, parents have failed to fulfill their responsibility to register their children in schools as they don’t consider them worthy.

Moderator: So they don’t take them as serious children?

Kyaterekera Frank: Yes

Moderator: So that’s one reason.

Kyaterekera Frank: Another reason is parents have failed to pay for the scholastic materials in schools.

Moderator: But remember Mr. Mutyaba said that parents are providing but anyway we were talking about the major role of a parent, and here parents failing to support in provision of scholastic materials.

Kyaterekera Frank: I do conquer with but not all and you see in failing to provide the materials many children are seated in the villages without going back to schools. You find a child not having a shirt, failed to pay money for poledge and most especially UPE schools where they pay 15000 shillings only.

Moderator: I think it depends on the school

Kyaterekera Frank: But still you find a parent failing to clear that little amount and still parents have failed to do monitoring on their children and it takes a full year for the parent to know the performance of this child and constant checking of their exercise books.

Moderator: Now Mr. Kyaterekera, under that failure what could be the core role of any responsible parent in supporting the child’s learning without the teachers?

Kyaterekera Frank: Thank you very much Mr. Moderator Balondemu Simon, I want to assure you that though my fellow panelist talked about religion but if there is no love in the family, there is no way how this child is going to learn. I truly insist that let love first be restored in the family for the parent to consider as a child.

Moderator: That’s one of the core responsibilities for the parent.

Kyaterekera Frank: Yes

Moderator: we have got parents who have the mentality of I don’t care because the moment they pay the school dues, they are done. Now what can a responsible parent do to support their children learn without the help of teachers?

Kyaterekera Frank: Honestly, love is key but in Busoga there is a weakness by men leaving their responsibilities to their wives to take care of their children, by counseling and checking on their children while at schools. I therefore want to appeal to all parents to take charge and work together to ensure their children get to learn.

Moderator: Now when you look at love and monitoring, what would you consider much more important for the parent to do because this teacher get encouraged by the parent.

Kyaterekera Frank: Mr. Moderator, if there is love in children, this parent has to make a follow up and monitoring and inquire from the teachers about the interests of his child. Formally, when I was still in school, my parents used to come and check on me and who was my teacher and I very well remember when I was in p.3, teachers tried so much to involve in co-curricular activities and speech days as a result of parents sharing with teachers at schools.

Moderator: Okay, as we look at those points like monitoring, visiting etc. in this generation do you think that children can be supported by other people even when parents are still a live and able work?

Kyaterekera Frank: Thank you so much Mr. Balondemu Simon, I will thank you again together with this radio for that type of question asked, it’s very good to receive support from outside,

Moderator; when you parents still exist?

Kyaterekera Frank: Yes for this reason because I told you that parents no longer have love but if we could share with other parents to counsel our children, I might have failed somewhere and I need guidance from another person like areas of paying school fees etc. Most parents did not attend school but when one can be shared with about vocational skills, it can be of a great importance. Therefore, it’s good to share and be supported though parents are still alive.

Moderator: You only talked about counseling alone when parents are still alive but not anything else

Kyaterekera Frank: Well, according to the current economy in Uganda, people are so poor but there are organizations just like this Elevate its good because they have educated a good number of people through this radio program and now you can imagine how many people are learning from what we discuss here, I suggest they are benefiting and you will find that those NGOs can go the commun ities to support our people.

Moderator: Alright, thank you so much Mr. Kyaterekera Mwangwa Frank from Ibanda P/S. ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you that I have two people in the studios, one of them is from Busesa Mixed P/S Bugweri- Mr. Mutyaba Robert and the one you had just heard giving very many points from Ibanda also representing parents.

However, when I lost at the very many reasons you have both given, Mr. Mutyaba talked about respect and provision of scholastic materials. While Frank talked about the failure to show sufficient love, and some parents failing to provide enough materials to their children. Mr. Mutyaba what is your view on that issue?

Mutyaba Robert: Thank you moderator Mr. Balondemu Simon together with this radio for the great work they ate doing but on this issue because I am receiving so many calls from here however much I cannot respond to them but still I believe they are listening to the topic we are discussing on. Now as a parent he/she must take care of the children they take care of.

Moderator: Very true parents have to be mindful about their children but I am seeing Frank raising his hand, I think he is saying something.

Kyaterekera Frank: It’s worthy to thank Busoga one for this wider coverage because parents from upcountry think that one those ones from towns are the ones who are meant to support and educate their children. You may find that as children from town settings go to schools, children in the villages are busy looking for mangoes, cutting sugarcanes and digging.

Moderator: I think it depends on the family?

Kyaterekera Frank: No, It may depend but I want to tell you that in the village things are worse.

Moderator: That’s a pity, what can we do?

Kyaterekera Frank: I am requesting that according to the sensitizations that Elevate is injected is in money is helping a lot because people from every corner are listening to these talks.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Mwangwa Frank and Mutyaba please you will allow me to take you for the short break and when return we shall listen from our friends who are out there but remember we are still looking at Understanding parent’s role in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools reopening after the lockdown.


Moderator: Alight welcome back from that break and just as you have heard – surly the wisdom to improve learning resides in each one of us like me Balondemu Simon, my friend here in the studios, the one listening in now, grandmother, mother and the child him/herself. But remember we are still looking at Understanding parent’s role in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools reopening after the lock down. Therefore, we want to hear from you and our numbers to call on are 0776999906, 0757906909 call on those numbers now.

Moderator: Hello caller on the line, what is your name and where are you calling from?

Caller one: My name is Walugembe Faziri from Buyende district in Kalambo. Moderator we real do appreciate your services but there is a way how the lockdown weakened some children,

Moderator: My dear we are not talking about the lockdown but your roles as parents in supporting the children learn after the lock down.

Caller one: Right what I can tell my fellow parents not to leave all the responsibilities to the teachers alone. I a peal to parent to ask their children what they have learnt at school and if you observe the child is not responding please help.

Moderator: Thank you very much Mr. Faziri, let us hear from another one on the line hello,

Caller Two: I am glad to hear from you sir,

Moderator: Glad to hear from you my brother, what is your name and where are you calling from?

Caller Two: My name is Sheik Oluita from Bwondha Mayuge district.

Moderator: Honored to hear from you, please talk about the topic of discussion.

Caller Two: I have been listening from the beginning but we normally have a problem us people on the shores of the lake and I want to always thank the president of this Nation for preventing the crowds on waters.

Moderator: Reason?

Caller Two: That Lake has spoilt many people more especially our children. We are feeling sorry for our children but the moment these children are joining groups to go fishing the more we have lost them.

Moderator: Now what is your role as responsible parent in supporting those children learn?

Caller Two: To support my child to continue learning, both parents, we do call him/her to counsel and guide like in Uganda many people are suffering by siting examples of people who have excelled instead of leaving them find their ways and giving them a wrong foundation.

Moderator: Thank Sheik Oluita from Bwondha, let us get another caller.

Hello caller

Caller Three: Hello, thank you for the good topic I am Joseph from Tororo, we have got challenges for us people who don’t stay at home because we are fending what to eat. By the time you get back home like us who don’t stay around, when the woman has already spoilt them. Now when we became concerned about the children, the woman says you can get another woman who cannot spoil them.

Moderator: Who speaks like that?

Caller Three: The wife, I wish as you speak on these programs after you come and visit us, surely we have got issues in our homes.

Moderator: Mr. Joseph, I think you’re not doing well at home but what do you think we can do?

Caller Three: I one time tried to buy materials like bags shoes etc, some of us have left our home we are very cold and cannot do anything at homes.

Moderator: just as I said Mr. Joseph you have an issue but I suggest we will call you.

Caller three: you are saying to call me but have you got my number?

Moderator: Well, you can read it.

Caller three: 0777361139.

Moderator: Mr. Joseph you need to be counseled on family issues but we thank you for being open.

Caller four: My name is Geoffrey from Kayunga district,

Moderator: Yes Geoffrey from Kayunga.

Caller four: Thank you for those good topics, but formally, other parents used to punish us though they were not our real parents unlike these days where children do not belong to the community and they are not well guided.

Moderator: well, we may not so much dwell on the past but what is your role in supporting your children to learn?

Caller four: My role is to guide my children from home, counsel and get back home on time. So it’s our role as parents

Caller five: My is Dr. Mayinda Moses from Buyende district and since I am a doctor, I feel very sorry if I don’t see children going to school.

Moderator: Are you a medical doctor or witch doctor?

Caller five: I am a witch doctor and it very good we all treat people, back on the point there are families by the lake shores who doesn’t even know how to fish. I am trying to mean that children cannot decide for you.

Moderator: Then how do you fulfill your roles just like those children do not make decisions for our friend near the lake as you Dr?

Caller five: I role is to provide scholastic materials, monitor children, attend meetings at school, checking on teachers and others. I also need to counsel my adult children in secondary schools by sitting examples of people whom they know and they are doing better.

Moderator: Thank you Dr. Mayinda from Buyende district let me get two more callers because of time.

Caller six: Hello, thank you for your services; I am Mr. Badaza from Nambale Irenzi. Before I blame the children, let us blame ourselves as parents.

Moderator: How Mr. Badaza?

Caller six: For the reason that children fear to make mistakes in the presence of their parents. But in case a child is punished for committing a mistake, he/runs to the parent complaining and a parent doesn’t find out the cause but he /she instead begins a fight.

Moderator: what is your last message for the listeners?

Caller six: however much children have got their right; parents should not handle them as glasses to ensure they get something good out of it.

Caller seven: I am Denis Mubiru and I am appealing to both parents to prevent discrimination among children more especially for the men who are not always available in their homes. Those parents have got atendence of punishing which makes those children to become big headed.

Moderator: Mr. Mubiru, what could be your very ward on today’s topic for the parents to fulfill their roles?

Caller seven: Parents should fulfill their roles by talking to them instead of punishing.

Moderator: Thank you Mubiru and all the listeners including the callers for the good suggestions. Now when you look at what the callers have been saying, most of them are leaning on the side of the counseling our children. Let me again begin with Mr. Mutyaba, is there any parent you would like to respond to in two minutes about the issues they have been talking about, what is your view?

Mutyaba Robert: Thank you so much Mr. Balondemu Simon, well, all the issues presented by the callers are true but the gentleman who talked about the challenges faced in homes/ domestic violence that sometimes these children are raised by women and they sometimes lack discipline I am requesting him to create love in their family and grow their children together.

Then one parent talked about the scholastic materials and let him try to talk about the good in education with his children.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Mutyaba, let’s get a comment from Mwangwa Frank.

Mwangwa Frank: Thank you moderator I want to comment about Joseph from Tororo and let me advise him not to abandon his home because of domestic violence as it hinders children from learning and secondly child abuse as a factor also affects children’s learning and finally to Mr. Oluita the Lake should not become a big issue in the children’s education.

Moderator: our time is far spent and I want to appreciate my colleagues in the studios but remember we have been looking at Understanding parent’s role in supporting children’s learning and emotional development after schools reopening. And all those issues that we have been talking about are very true and our friends like Denis Mubiru and Badaza from Irenzi I presume you know him Mr. Mwangwa?

Frank: Yes, yes I know him very well.

Moderator: Okay as we wide up let me begin with Mutyaba to give your concluding remarks.

Mutyaba Robert: Thank you Mr. Balondemu Simon but as a parent take note of providing scholastic materials to my fellow parents at Busesa Mixed and all parents’ country wide. Let me send my regards to my mother Dezirant Namumbya in Busede and My wife Namwebya in Busesa with all my children, brother Kalyowa and my headmistress Madam Moiti Rose.

Moderator: Alright, though you have exceeded two but Frank your take home point and regards to two people.

Frank: Thank you moderator, on this topic I want to appeal to all mparents to always tune on to Busoga one for the opportunity to pass our messages as Elevate and allow me to send my regards to my mother Deziranta Nabirye in Bugweri and my darlings the two Betty’s and my people in Naibiri .

Moderator: My dear listener, allow me to thank you for listening to this program and great thanks goes to our partners Elevate partners for education and our donors Japan Govt through the International Christian University in Japan you have done us well.

Allow me to tahnk you my panelists and the CBOs from the districts of Kamuli, Mayuge, Bugir, Luuka and Lakiro together with my team mates at GIST like Babirye Sarah and Mugulusi. Our programs are still on and I want to inform you that two weeks we shall be here speaking about a number of issues and finally to my mother Namisango Cissy in Magamaga Wabulungu and Busoga one 90.6FM, until next time