International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day from the Elevate team! As we actively prepare to roll out the Village TEACH Program across 70+ schools in the Mukono and Kayunga Districts, we are not losing sight of why our work with communities is so important, especially for female learners.

Decades of research has shown that educating girls impacts families and communities for generations. While Uganda has made impressive strides in achieving gender equality at the primary level, enormous cultural, economic, and social barriers to girls’ education remain. Communities, especially parents and caregivers, play a key role in determining whether female learners attend school and perform well.

That is why Elevate’s community engagement work, such as the Village TEACH Program, is so important. Schools must work with communities and families to address lingering barriers to girls’ education such as early marriage, child labor, gender-based violence, and early pregnancy. We are so fortunate to partner with parents, school and religious leaders, and government officials who are passionate about improving education outcomes for all children and we are excited to see what collaboration between all of these groups can do for female learners in 2021 and beyond!

Check out the infographic below to learn more.

elevating girls by Diana