Elevate’s Scorecard Program Empowers Pupils to Realize their Dreams

Mercy Namata is a 7th grader who dreams of becoming a doctor. She is a shy, but clever girl who used to struggle speaking up at school. However, Mercy’s fellow pupils saw her potential, even if she couldn’t see it herself, and they elected her as a student representative for their school’s Scorecard Committee (SC).

By representing the student perspective at SC meetings, Mercy has begun to build her voice and confidence; raising absenteeism and respect, as issues to improve student life and the school environment.

Mercy began to speak at weekly assemblies to encourage her fellow students to attend school regularly and exhibit positive behavior. She also attends General Parent Meetings to share ideas for parents to better support their children and the school in general.

Mercy quickly realized that to sustain the positive changes she was seeing, she needed her classmates to share ownership of her school improvement campaign. She appointed monitors and—reflecting the participatory process of the Scorecard Committee—helped them to collaboratively set expectations for attendance and good behavior. She also encouraged pupils to set their own penalties for infractions.

Through her role on the SC, Mercy has developed leadership skills, and built confidence. She
now easily interacts with other pupils, and believes this growth will help her reach her dream of becoming a doctor.